Calendar of Events

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September 2021

Call Report Loan Classifications & Basic Lending Schedules (CU Webinar Network)
Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment (CU Webinar Network)
New Accounts Series: 20 Legal Types of Accounts: Ownership, Documentation & CIP (CU Webinar Network)
ACH Payment Reclamations & Garnishments (CU Webinar Network)
14 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Lenders (CU Webinar Network)
15 Completing the CTR Line-by-Line (CU Webinar Network)
16 Fiduciary Responsibilities of New & Experienced Directors (CU Webinar Network)
21 Bankruptcy for Lenders: Chapter 11 & Subchapter V, The Small Business Reorganization Act (CU Webinar Network)
22 New Accounts Series: Business Account Documentation (CU Webinar Network)
23 Hot Topics in Social Media Engagement for Credit Unions (CU Webinar Network)
28 HCUL The Value of CDFI Certification for Hawaii CUs (Free Webinar)
28 HMDA Reporting Part 1: Application Basics (CU Webinar Network)
29 Understanding TRID Tolerance Cures (CU Webinar Network)
30 Conducting In-House Evaluations: Guidance, Rules & Technological Tools (CU Webinar Network)

October 2021

Strategic Planning for Credit Unions (CU Webinar Network)
SAR Decision-Making (CU Webinar Network)
7-8 HCUL IRA Essentials & Advanced Seminars (Virtual)
New Accounts Series: Opening Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations (CU Webinar Network)
13 Denied Loan Requirements A to Z (CU Webinar Network)
14 Notary Compliance, Including Virtual Notarization (CU Webinar Network)
19 Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)
20 Reg E Investigation & Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution (CU Webinar Network)
21 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Senior Management & Directors (CU Webinar Network)
27 New Accounts Series: Adverse Action at Account Opening: Reporting & Documentation (CU Webinar Network)
28 HCUL Member Services Skills Workshop (Virtual)
28 HMDA Reporting Part 2: Collecting Demographic Information (CU Webinar Network)

November 2021

Robbery Prevention, Response & Resilience (CU Webinar Network)
Mastercard Debit Card Chargebacks (CU Webinar Network)
3-4 HCUL Virtual CU Lending Institute 
Board Secretary Training: Documenting Minutes, Corrections & Disagreements (CU Webinar Network)
8  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Excel Made Clear: Building Error-Free Spreadsheets
10 New Accounts Series: Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens (CU Webinar Network)
11 HMDA Reporting Part 3: Commercial Lending Issues (CU Webinar Network)
16 Completing the SAR Line-by-Line (CU Webinar Network)
18 1099 Reporting: Foreclosures, Repossessions & Debt Settlements (CU Webinar Network)
9 HCUL Governmental Affairs Symposium (Virtual)

December 2021

Your Depositor Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid (CU Webinar Network)
The Legal Side of Remote Deposit Capture: Risks & Liability (CU Webinar Network)
Visa Debit Card Chargebacks (CU Webinar Network)
Security Officer Reports to the Board: Timing, Contents & Requirements (CU Webinar Network)
15 Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review (CU Webinar Network)