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September 2020 

1-3 ELEVATE Credit Union Leaders - a Virtual Event
1 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Conducting Due Diligence for Hemp-Related Businesses
Cutting-Edge Consumer Payments: Beyond PayPal & Venmo (CU Webinar Network)
2 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Vendor Management 2020
SAFE Act Compliance for Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) (CU Webinar Network)
9 Ten Lessons Learned When a Depositor Dies (CU Webinar Network) 
9 OnCourse Learning Webinar - New BSA Officer Training
10 OnCourse Learning Webinar – Getting in the Game: Aligning Marketing and Execution
10 Cyber Series: Cybersecurity Assessment Tool 2.0 & GLBA Privacy (CU Webinar Network) 
15 Unpack NCUA’s Revised 2020 Supervisory Priorities Before Your Next Exam (CU Webinar Network)
11 OnCourse Learning Webinar - IRAs - Part 1 - Starting with the Basics
15 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Electronic Banking Compliance: Two-Part Series
16 Prospecting & the Pandemic: Tools for Success During COVID-19 (CU Webinar Network)
17 Building the Best Possible Board Meeting: From Agenda to Action (CU Webinar Network)
18 OnCourse Learning Webinar - IRAs - Part 2 - Rollovers and Transfers
21 Mortgage Collection & Foreclosure: Best Practices & Tenants’ Rights (CU Webinar Network)
22 Avoiding Costly Mistakes in Calculating Debt Service Coverage (CU Webinar Network)
22 OnCourse Learning Webinar - CFPB Takes Action To Help Employers Develop Emergency Savings Programs
23 UCC-1 & UCC-3 Financing Statements Line-by-Line: Filing, Amending & Renewing (CU Webinar Network)
24 OnCourse Learning Webinar - HR Basics for Supervisors
28 CDD Update: New FinCEN FAQs & COVID’s Daily Practical Challenges (CU Webinar Network)
29 Mastering Escrow: Analysis, Rules, Forms & Compliance (CU Webinar Network)
29 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Electronic Banking Compliance: ESign, Online and Mobile Banking, and Remote Deposit Capture
30 OnCourse Learning Webinar – Excel Made Clear: Building Error-Free Spreadsheets
30 FFIEC Requirements for a Remote Deposit Capture Risk Assessment (CU Webinar Network)

October 2020

1-2 Acensus IRA Essential and Advanced Seminar (Webinar)
5-6 Catalyst Economic & Payments Forum 2020 (Online event)
Risk Officer Series: A Year in the Life of a Compliance Officer: Tips, Tools & Annual Requirements (CU Webinar Network)
7  OnCourse Learning Webinar – Safe Deposit Vault Security & Disaster Recovery Essentials
7  Managing Vendors: Due Diligence, Contracts, Tips & Tools (CU Webinar Network)
8  Compliance with E-SIGN, E-Statements & E-Disclosures (CU Webinar Network)
13 OnCourse Learning Webinar -  Garnishment of Federal Benefit Payments
14 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Handling Deceased Accounts and Checks
14 Regulatory Requirements for the Board: A Comprehensive Checklist (CU Webinar Network)
15 OnCourse Learning Webinar – Performing the ACH Audit
15 Cyber Series: GLBA Security Expectations, Internal Controls & the Human Factor (CU Webinar Network)
16 OnCourse Learning Webinar - IRAs - Part 3 - Distributions and Beneficiary Payouts
20 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Strategic Planning for FI - It's All About Your Strategy
20 Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E (CU Webinar Network)
21 Bankruptcy for Creditors Workshop (Online)
21 Regulator Update for the Credit Analyst (CU Webinar Network)
22 Banking & Lending to Cannabis Businesses: Clarifying the Confusion & Avoiding Pitfalls (CU Webinar Network)
23 OnCourse Learning Webinar - IRAs - Part 4 - Auditing your IRA Files
27 New URLA for a New Year! Prepare Now for a Smooth Transition (CU Webinar Network)
28 Risk Officer Series: Advanced BSA Officer Training: Risk, Compliance & Real-Life Scenarios (CU Webinar Network)
28 OnCourse Learning Webinar -  Opening Trust Accounts
29 Cyber Series: Building & Sustaining a Cyber Intelligence Unit (CIU) (CU Webinar Network)
30 OnCourse Learning Webinar - HMDA

November 2020 

3  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Writing Effective SAR Narratives
3  Dissecting Loan Loss Reserves, Including CECL Expectations (CU Webinar Network)
4  Recruiting & Retaining Millennials, Gen Z & Nexters (CU Webinar Network)
4 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Writing Teller Training and Procedures
5 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Job Specific BSA Training for Lending Department
10 IRS Reporting Essentials: Form 1099 & Beyond (CU Webinar Network)
11 Year-End Actions for IRA Administrators: Notifications, Reporting, Monitoring & Secure Act Changes (CU Webinar Network)
12 Robbery: Critical Steps Before, During & After (CU Webinar Network)
13 Governmental Affairs Symposium - Online
16 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Commercial Lending Checklist
17 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents
17 Ten Lessons Learned When a Borrower Dies (CU Webinar Network) 
18 Risk Officer Series: Risk Management Officer: Expectations & Responsibilities (CU Webinar Network) 
18 OnCourse Learning Webinar - ESIGN and UTEA
19 OnCourse Learning Webinar – Thirty (30) Steps to Audit Your Safe Deposit Area

December 2020

1  Using Notary & Corporate Seals Accurately (CU Webinar Network)
1 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Notary Public
2 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Signature Card Danger Zones
2  Avoiding BSA Compliance Violations (CU Webinar Network)
3  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Error Resolution – Regulations E & Z
 Annual Loan Review: Consumer, Commercial & Residential (CU Webinar Network)
9  Recent Reg CC Changes: Lessons Learned & Future Outlook (CU Webinar Network)
10 Legal Issues Surrounding Subpoenas & Summonses (CU Webinar Network)
15 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Reporting Critical Information Security Areas Upstream
16 OnCourse Learning Webinar - BSA Wrap Up
16 Avoiding Loan Denial Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)