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December 2021

Your Depositor Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid (CU Webinar Network)
The Legal Side of Remote Deposit Capture: Risks & Liability (CU Webinar Network)
7  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Opening Minor Accounts - UTMAs, Joint, Guardianships, CESAs
Visa Debit Card Chargebacks (CU Webinar Network)
8  OnCourse Learning Webinar - A Year in the Life of a Compliance Officer
Security Officer Reports to the Board: Timing, Contents & Requirements (CU Webinar Network)
9  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents
14 OnCourse Learning Webinar - BSA Year End Wrap Up
15 Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review (CU Webinar Network) 
15 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Using Your BIA and Data Flow Diagrams to Understand Risk

January 2022

4  ACH Series: Quick Start Guide to ACH for the Frontline (CU Webinar Network)
4  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Credit Analysis Basics
5  Head Teller Development: Improving Teller Performance (CU Webinar Network)
A Year in the Life of a Compliance Officer (CU Webinar Network)
10 Call Report Series: Call Report Update & Top 10 Error (CU Webinar Network)
11 New Employee Required Training (CU Webinar Network)
12 Interest Reporting for Nonresident Aliens: Foreign & US Taxpayer ID Numbers (CU Webinar Network) 
13 A Cookie Diet: Privacy, Restricted Data Access & Building Online Visibility Beyond 2022 (CU Webinar Network)
18 2022 IRA & HSA Update: Staying Compliant (CU Webinar Network)
19 Provisional Credit Under Reg E: Rules, Best Practices & FAQs (CU Webinar Network)
20 Dealing with ACH Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities (CU Webinar Network)
25 Lending Regulatory Roundup: Avoiding Violations & Preparing for Changes (CU Webinar Network)
26 2021 HMDA Submission Due March 1, 2022: Updates & Challenges (CU Webinar Network)
27 Loan Documentation for All Legal Entities (CU Webinar Network)

February 2022 

1  New Resources for Fighting Synthetic Identity Fraud (CU Webinar Network)
2  The Impact of Evolving Marijuana Laws on Your Institution (CU Webinar Network)
3  Converting a 1040 Personal Return to Cash Flow Part 1: Schedules B & C (CU Webinar Network)
7  Onboarding: The New Normal (CU Webinar Network)
8  BSA Officer Reports to the Board (CU Webinar Network)
Understanding Systemic Risks & the New CAMELS Rating (CU Webinar Network)
10 ACH Series: The Green Book & Government Payments Explained (CU Webinar Network)
14 Lending on Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects (CU Webinar Network)
15 Deep Dive into Force-Placed Flood Insurance (CU Webinar Network)
16 Deposit Ops Series: Writing New Account Procedures (CU Webinar Network)
17 High-Risk Cash-Intensive Businesses: Managing & Monitoring (CU Webinar Network)
22 Lending to Tenants-in-Common Projects (CU Webinar Network)
23 Advertising Compliance (CU Webinar Network)
24 Converting a 1040 Personal Return to Cash Flow Part 2: Schedules D, E & F (CU Webinar Network)

March 2022

1  Appraisal Requirements: A Comprehensive Regulatory Summary (CU Webinar Network)
2  BSA Exam Manual Update: Identifying & Mitigating BSA Risks (CU Webinar Network)
3  2022 Supervisory Priorities Explained (CU Webinar Network)
8  ACH Series: 2022 ACH Rules Update, Including Faster Payments (CU Webinar Network)
9  Deposit Ops Series: Opening Accounts Online: CIP, CDD, Documentation & More (CU Webinar Network)
10 Board-Approved Policies: Tools to Streamline Your Process (CU Webinar Network)
15 ACH for P2P Transfers: Perils & Protections (CU Webinar Network)
16 Writing Teller Procedures(CU Webinar Network)
17 Real Estate Escrow Accounts & Flood Insurance (CU Webinar Network) 
22 Breaking Down the Anti-Money Laundering Act & Preparing for Impact (CU Webinar Network)
23 Fair Lending Cornerstones: Best Practices & Current Agency Guidance (CU Webinar Network)
24 20 Common Mistakes in Consumer Collections (CU Webinar Network)
30 An In-Depth Look at Regulation Z's Amended Qualified Mortgage (QM) Rule (CU Webinar Network)
31 Top 25 Safe Deposit Compliance Issues (CU Webinar Network)

April 2022

Call Report Series: Introduction to Call Reporting (CU Webinar Network)
6  Frontline Series: Minor Accounts: Ownership, CIP, Access, Changes & Transactions (CU Webinar Network)
 Deposit Ops Series: Payment Systems Bootcamp (CU Webinar Network)
11 Converting Accrual Statements into Cash Flow (CU Webinar Network)
12 Surviving a BSA Exam: Recent Hot Spots (CU Webinar Network)
13 ACH Series: ACH Origination: Internal, Loans, Transfers & More (CU Webinar Network)
14 The Latest in Social Engineering Attacks – How to Protect Against Complex Threats (CU Webinar Network)
19 IRA & HSA: 2022's Hottest Issues & Answers (CU Webinar Network)
20 Writing Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives (CU Webinar Network)
21 Board-Level Policies: What Is Required & Why (CU Webinar Network)
26 Compliance Training for the Frontline (CU Webinar Network)
27 Maximizing the New Field of Membership Rules (CU Webinar Network)
27 DEI: Keeping It Compliant (CU Webinar Network)
28 Ag Lending Compliance (CU Webinar Network)

May 2022

3  BSA Compliance for Commercial Accounts: Beneficial Ownership & Beyond (CU Webinar Network)
5  Frontline Series: Maintaining Consumer Accounts: Adding Names, Changing Names, Removing Owners, Changing Product Types & More (CU Webinar Network)
11 ACH Series: Decoding ACH Return Reason Codes (CU Webinar Network)
12 Reducing Mortgage Delinquency: Proactive Protection of the Bottom Line (CU Webinar Network)
16 Construction Loan Nuts & Bolts: Documentation, Sample Scenarios & Avoiding Errors (CU Webinar Network)
17 Building a Successful Cross-Selling Platform (CU Webinar Network)
18 Deposit Ops Series: Handling Trusts & Other Fiduciary Accounts (CU Webinar Network)
24 Consumer Lending Series: Consumer Underwriting 101: From Application to Approval (CU Webinar Network)
25 Enhanced Due Diligence & Risk Assessment of ACH Customers (CU Webinar Network)
26 Financial Literacy Fundamentals for New Directors: Financial Statements, Key Ratios & How to Monitor Your Credit Union (CU Webinar Network)

June 2022

1  When a Business Owner Dies, Sells, or Delegates Authority (CU Webinar Network)
2  Faster Payments Basics (CU Webinar Network)
Understanding Your Credit Union’s Audit Report (CU Webinar Network)
8  Measure It to Manage It: Understanding Analytics & How to Determine Online Success (CU Webinar Network)
9  ACH Series: Electronic Payment Fraud: When Is Your Institution Liable? (CU Webinar Network)
14 Decoding the Examination Process: 10 Essential Techniques to Thrive During Your Next Exam (CU Webinar Network) 
15 Frontline Series: Maintaining Business Accounts: Changing Principals, Changing Signers, Resolutions, Changing Products & More (CU Webinar Network)
21 Consumer Lending Series: Consumer Lending Collateral Considerations & Documentation (CU Webinar Network) 
22 Identity Theft Red Flags & FACT Act Compliance (CU Webinar Network) 
23 Commercial Lending: Risks, Rewards, Controls & Common Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)
29 Mortgage Loan Origination: Critical Timing Requirements (CU Webinar Network)
30 Overdrafts Under Fire: Clarifying the Confusion (CU Webinar Network)

July 2022

6  Record Retention in the Digital Age: What to Keep, When to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court? (CU Webinar Network)
 Countdown to ATR/QM Changes Effective October 1, 2022: Preparing Policies & Processes (CU Webinar Network) 
12 Vendor Due Diligence & Effective Vendor Management (CU Webinar Network)
13 Deposit Ops Series: Deposit Operations Comprehensive Compliance, Including BSA (CU Webinar Network)
14 Consumer Lending Series: Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral (CU Webinar Network)
18 Call Report Series: Advanced Lending Schedules: Commercial Loans, Indirect Loans, CARES Act Loan Modifications & More (CU Webinar Network)
19 Advanced Beneficiary & RMD Considerations (CU Webinar Network)
20 Powers of Attorney In-Depth: Good Faith, Fraud & Fiduciary Capacity (CU Webinar Network)
21 Things That Keep Boards Up at Night (CU Webinar Network)
25 Record Retention Rules for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack & Other E-Collaboration Platforms (CU Webinar Network)
26 Elevating Your Fraud Prevention Strategies (CU Webinar Network)
28 Frontline Series: Checking Account Signature Cards: CIP, IRS & Disclosures (CU Webinar Network)

August 2022

3   CDD: Creating an Effective Program from the Frontline to the Backroom (CU Webinar Network)
4  Securing Collateral Part 1: Forms UCC-1 & 3: Filing, Perfection, Amending & Terminating (CU Webinar Network)
9  Advanced Financial Literacy for New & Experienced Directors: ALM Primer & Financial Accounting & Risk Issues (CU Webinar Network)
10 E-SIGN Act: Electronic Loan Document Delivery (CU Webinar Network)
11 Characteristics of Strong Risk Assessments: Tools to Monitor & Report Results (CU Webinar Network)
16 Mission TRID: Overcoming Examiner-Cited Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)
17 WSUD vs. Stop Payment: Definitions, Differences, Compliance (CU Webinar Network)
18 Managing Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack & Other Collaboration Platforms with Effective E-Policies (CU Webinar Network)
23 Maximizing Recoveries on Charged-Off Loans (CU Webinar Network)
24 Adding the "Wow Factor" to Credit Analysis (CU Webinar Network)
25 Frontline Series: Reg CC Check Hold Requirements & Funds Availability (CU Webinar Network)
30 Compliance with E-SIGN, E-Statements & E-Disclosures (CU Webinar Network)
31 The Way Forward to MORE Time: How to Manage Your Time, Instead of It Managing You (CU Webinar Network)

September 2022

1  Consumer Lending Series: Consumer Lending Regulatory Essentials: Fair Lending, UDAAP, Privacy & More (CU Webinar Network)
7  Job-Specific BSA Training for Frontline (CU Webinar Network)
When a Borrower Dies (CU Webinar Network)
13 Traditional & Roth IRA Part 1: Eligibility, Contributions, Rollovers & Transfers (CU Webinar Network)
14 Troubled Debt Restructuring: What Qualifies & Accounting for TDRs as Credit Improves (CU Webinar Network)
15 Top 10 IT Frauds: Risks & Protection Strategies for Financial Institutions (CU Webinar Network)
20 Securing Collateral Part 2: Purchase Money Security Interests: Taking Priority Over a Perfected Creditor (CU Webinar Network)
21 Appraisal Reviews: Do You Know What to Look For? (CU Webinar Network)
22 Merger Considerations Under the New Merger Rules: Who Gets What & When (CU Webinar Network)
27 Avoiding UDAAP Claims, Errors & Penalties (CU Webinar Network)
28 TRID: Recognizing a Changed Circumstance & Issuing a Revised Loan Estimate (CU Webinar Network)
29 Frontline Series: Checks, Mobile Deposits, Substitute Checks: Indemnities, Endorsements & Timeframes (CU Webinar Network)

October 2022

4  Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcies: Special Rules, Cramdowns & Risks (CU Webinar Network)
5  Are Safe Deposit Boxes on the Way Out? (CU Webinar Network)
6  Reg E & the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (CU Webinar Network)
12 Preparing for Examination Under the Mortgage Servicing Rules (CU Webinar Network)
13 Images, Video, Audio: What's New & Next for Social Media Platforms? (CU Webinar Network)
18 Traditional & Roth IRA Part 2: Distributions, Taxation, Withholding & Penalties (CU Webinar Network)
19 Handling Reg E Disputes Confidently & Compliantly (CU Webinar Network)
20 Call Report Series: Auditing Call Reports (CU Webinar Network)
25 Handling Court-Ordered Accounts: Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships (CU Webinar Network)
26 Robbery Basics & Beyond (CU Webinar Network)
27 Ability to Repay: Qualified Mortgages & TILA RESPA Disclosures (CU Webinar Network)

November 2022

1  Financial Accounting & Reporting (CU Webinar Network)
2  Job-Specific BSA Training for Lenders (CU Webinar Network)
3  SAR Filing Requirements: When, How & Why (CU Webinar Network)
8  Form 1099 Reporting: Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More (CU Webinar Network)
 IRS Reporting, B Notices, Fines & Penalty Letters (CU Webinar Network)
10 Preparing for FedNow: Technology, Products, Services & More (CU Webinar Network)
10 Financial Exploitation & Elder Fraud (CU Webinar Network)
15 Social Media: Paid, Owned, Earned (CU Webinar Network)
16 Mortgage Lending Compliance Overview (CU Webinar Network)
17 BSA Essentials for the Board & Senior Management (CU Webinar Network)
30 Best Practices for Performing Quality-Control Loan Reviews (CU Webinar Network)

December 2022

1  Board Secretary Procedural & Compliance Responsibilities (CU Webinar Network)
6  Managing Your Mobile RDC Program (CU Webinar Network)
7  When a Depositor Dies (CU Webinar Network)
8  Reg E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution (CU Webinar Network)
13 Consumer Account Documentation: Best Practices (CU Webinar Network)
14 FedNow Risk Assessments & Fraud Controls (CU Webinar Network)