Calendar of Events

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June 2019 

Untangling Complex RDFI Challenges (Webinar) 
Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Construction-Only & Construction-to-Permanent Lending (Webinar)
BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Operations (Webinar)
Handling Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment (Webinar)
10 Financial Literacy Fundamentals for New Directors: Financial Statements, Key Ratios & How to Monitor Your Credit Union (Webinar)
11 Essential HR Recordkeeping from Hiring to Firing (Webinar)
13 Call Report Series: Financial Accounting & Reporting (Webinar)
18 Regulation E Series: Reg E Fundamentals (Webinar)
19 Electronic Returned Items: Combating Fraud (Webinar)
20 Consumer Collection Series: Effective Debt Collection Techniques & Strategies (Webinar)
24 Complying with the 2019 SAR Cyber-Event Reporting Requirements (Webinar)
25 BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for the Board (Webinar)
26 Card Data Security: PCI-DSS Risk, Readiness & Compliance (Webinar)
27 Living, Grantor & Family Trust Accounts: Common Problems in Account Opening & Lending (Webinar) 
29 Solid Business Writing Workshop – Kauai

July 2019 

ALLL Supporting Documentation: Current Rules & Future Expectations Under CECL (Webinar)
Managing Accounts & Records for Nonresident Aliens: Opening, Identifying, Monitoring & Tax Reporting (Webinar)
Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Surviving a TRID Compliance Exam (Webinar) 
9-10 Basic Credit Union Accounting Class – CU Hawaii FCU, Hilo
10 FinCEN Guidelines on Reporting Elder Financial Exploitation (Webinar)
14 Western CUNA Management School, Pomona, California
16 IRA Series: Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers (Webinar)
17 ALM Virtual Boot Camp (Webinar)
17 Regulation E Series: Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E (Webinar) 
23 Call Report Series: Call Report Preparation: Avoiding Common Errors (Webinar) 
27 Stay Engaged & Strengthen Teams Workshop - Hawaii Community FCU, Kona

August 2019 

1  Developing a Cyber Security Program, HCUL Education Center
IRA Series: IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution (Webinar)
2  CECL Made Simple Workshop, HCUL Education Center
Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Compliance, Notices & Best Practices (Webinar)
Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process (Webinar) 
New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities, Best Practices & Skill-Building Tools (Webinar)
13 Advanced Financial Literacy Update for New & Experienced Directors: ALM Primer & Financial Accounting & Risk Issues (Webinar)
14 FFIEC Cyber Security Risk Assessments: Policy, Recent Findings & Recommendations (Webinar) 
15 E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media (Webinar)
20 Regulation E Series: How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E (Webinar)
21-23 Operations Compliance School, Ala Moana Hotel
21 Call Report Series: The Financial Statement Audit Process (Webinar) 
22 Developing the Right Strategic Plan for Your Credit Union (Webinar)
27 Opening Donation, Memorial & Other Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations & Corporations (Webinar) 
28 IRA Series: Top 10 Most Misunderstood IRA Issues: Turning Confusion into Confidence (Webinar) 
29 Effective Management of Credit Report Disputes: Completing ACDVs, AUDs & Correcting Joint Credit (Webinar)

September 2019 

Official Demands Part 2: Handling Garnishments, Levies & Judgment Liens (Webinar)
Auditing E-Policies & Procedures: Risks, Rules & Records (Webinar)
10 Managing Minor Accounts: Withdrawals, Transfers, CDD, Closing & Best Practices (Webinar) 
11 Conducting the 2019 ACH Audit (Webinar)
12 Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Appraisal & Evaluation Guidance on Collateral Valuation (Webinar) 
16 New Compliance Officer Boot Camp (Webinar) 
17 IRA Series: Handling IRA Required Minimum Distributions & Roth Distributions (Webinar)
18 Regulation E Series: Auditing for Reg E Compliance (Webinar) 
19 Emerging Trends & Developments in Online, Mobile & Digital Channels (Webinar)
24 Mitigating a Data Breach: Forensics & Incident Response (Webinar)
25 Hiring in the Digital Age: What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Social Media (Webinar)
26 What Directors Should Know About CECL, ALLL & the New Credit Impairment Standards (Webinar)

October 2019 

2-3 IRA Essentials & Advanced Seminar, HCUL Education Center
New BSA Officer Training Part 1: Compliance, Risk Assessment, CTRs, Exemptions, Forms & Regulator Expectations (Webinar)
Head Teller Training: Maximizing Teller Performance (Webinar)
When a Depositor Dies: Legal Requirements, Practical Issues & FAQs (Webinar)
15 Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Demystifying Rules for TRID Tolerances (Webinar)
16 Regulation E Series: Reg E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation (Webinar)
17 POD Account Documentation, Compliance, Beneficiaries & Closing (Webinar)
22 Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review (Webinar)
23 Medallion & Signature Guarantee Risks, Rules & Best Practices (Webinar)
24 12 Key Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy (Webinar)
29 Personal Accounts: Ownership, Authorization, Titling & Documentation (Webinar)
30 1099 Reporting: Foreclosures, Repossessions & Debt Settlements (Webinar)
31 New BSA Officer Training Part 2: Reviews, SARs, CDD, Technical Aspects & Real-Life Scenarios (Webinar)

November 2019 

Year-End Compliance Checklist (Webinar)
Top 10 Compliance Mistakes in Advertising (Webinar)
Understanding & Navigating ACH Rules for ODFIs (Webinar)
12 Regulation E Series: Provisional Credit Under Reg E: Rules, Best Practices & FAQs (Webinar)
13 Closing or Changing Accounts for Consumers & Businesses (Webinar)
14 Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) Line-by-Line, Required February 1, 2020 (Webinar)
19 When a Borrower Dies: Rules, Procedures & Liabilities (Webinar)
20 Robbery Preparedness: Meeting Your Annual Compliance Requirement (Webinar)
21 BSA Special Risks: Policy, Law Enforcement & Regulator Issues (Webinar)

December 2019 

ACH Error Resolution: Returns, Authorizations, WSUDs, Stop Payments & More (Webinar)
Safe Deposit Issues: Delinquency, Death & Abandonment (Webinar)
IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs & Backup Withholding (Webinar)
11 Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact? (Webinar)
18 Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC-1 Financing Statements (Webinar)