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December 2019 

ACH Error Resolution: Returns, Authorizations, WSUDs, Stop Payments & More (Webinar) 
Safe Deposit Issues: Delinquency, Death & Abandonment (Webinar)
IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs & Backup Withholding (Webinar)
Consumer Privacy: New Online & Mobile App Issues, GDPR, Reg P & Compliance (Webinar)
10 Revisiting Reg CC Policies, Disclosures & Notices for Rule Changes Effective July 1, 2020 (Webinar)
11 Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact? (Webinar) 
12 The Changing Face of BSA Administration: What BSA Officers & Management Must Know (Webinar)
16 Marijuana HR Policy & Best Practices: Handling Employee Medical & Recreational Use (Webinar) 
17 Updated Flood Insurance Exam Procedures, Including Recent Private Flood Insurance Rules (Webinar) 
18 Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC-1 Financing Statements (Webinar) 

January 2020

BSA High-Risk Members: Identifying, Enhanced Due Diligence & Monitoring (Webinar)
Lending to Hemp Businesses, Including Recent USDA Interim Hemp Production Guidance (Webinar)
Top 10 Issues for the 2019 HMDA Report: Due March 1, 2020 (Webinar)
14 Accounting Nightmares: TDRs, Foreclosed Assets, Investments & More (Webinar)
15 Deposit Account Series: Compliance at Account Opening (Webinar)
16 Incorporating Diversity & Inclusion into Your HR Policies (Webinar)
21 Call Report Fundamentals for New Preparers & Reviewers (Webinar)
22 Data-Driven Loan Pricing (Webinar)
23 2020 IRA & HSA Update, Including Pending & Breaking Legislation (Webinar)
28 Governance for Volunteers (Webinar)
29 Advanced Issues in Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment (Webinar)
30 Deposit Account Series: UCC 3 & 4 Check Issues: Stop Payments, Postdated, Stale-Dated & Endorsements (Webinar)

February 2020 

Action Plan for Reg CC Rule Changes Effective July 1, 2020 (Webinar)
5 ACH Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities (Webinar)
Diversity Self-Assessment: Regulatory Guidance & Best Practices (Webinar)
11 Using the FPR to Improve Credit Union Performance (Webinar)
12 Commercial Lending Series: Commercial Loan Documentation (Webinar)
13 Electronic & Imaged Documents: What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court (Webinar)
18 Deposit Account Series: Banking Cannabis Businesses: Hemp, CBD, THC & More (Webinar)
19 Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Returns Part 1: Form 1040 & Schedules B & C (Webinar)
20 Harassment Claims in a #MeToo World (Webinar)
25 Deposit Account Series: Deposit Operations Update 2020 (Webinar)
26 Managing Force-Placed Mortgage & Auto Insurance (Webinar)
27 HELOC Compliance: Disclosures, Documentation, Advertising, Amending & More (Webinar)

March 2020 

Commercial Lending Series: Managing a Commercial Construction Loan: Start to Finish (Webinar)
Appraisal Compliance Checklist, Including New Threshold Limits (Webinar)
Understanding Marijuana Business Compliance for the Board (Webinar)
10 Impact of Reg CC Rule Changes on ACH & RDC: Effective July 1, 2020 (Webinar)
11 Challenges Facing Supervisory Committees (Webinar)
12 Common HMDA Violations & Challenges (Webinar)
17 2020 ACH Rules Update, Including Emerging & Real-Time Payments (Webinar)
18 Consumer Loan Flood Insurance Forms Line-by-Line (Webinar)
19 Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Returns Part 2: Schedules D, E & F (Webinar)
24 Collecting SBA Loans: Critical Steps in Protecting the SBA Guaranty (Webinar)
25 Deposit Account Series: Advanced New Account Issues: POAs, Trusts, Estates & More (Webinar)
26 Commercial Lending Series: Commercial Flood Insurance Rules & Best Practices (Webinar)
30 New Technology: Cash Recyclers, Pod Banking & Interactive ATMs (Webinar)

April 2020 

Commercial Lending Series: Commercial Loan Workouts, Restructuring & Loss Mitigation (Webinar)
Deposit Account Series: 10 Overdraft Hotspots, Including Regulations, Lawsuits & Guidance (Webinar)
29 Commercial Lending Series: Commercial Loans Secured by Real Estate (Webinar)

May 2020 

13 Commercial Lending Series: Analyzing Commercial Tax Returns: Forms 1065, 1120, 1120S & K-1s (Webinar)
28 Growth & Transformation Series: Driving Engagement with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (Webinar)

June 2020 

30 Growth & Transformation Series: Digital Marketing Strategies: What’s Working in 2020? (Webinar)

July 2020

15 Growth & Transformation Series: Attracting Millennials: The Next Generation of Revenue (Webinar)

August 2020

11 Growth & Transformation Series: Leveraging LinkedIn for Lenders (Webinar)
12 Cyber Series: Layered Cybersecurity: Finding the Best Strategy for Your Credit Union (Webinar)
20 Risk Officer Series: The 15 Worst Security Mistakes (Webinar)

September 2020 

10 Cyber Series: Cybersecurity Assessment Tool 2.0 & GLBA Privacy (Webinar)

October 2020

Risk Officer Series: A Year in the Life of a Compliance Officer: Tips, Tools & Annual Requirements (Webinar)
15 Cyber Series: GLBA Security Expectations, Internal Controls & the Human Factor (Webinar)
28 Risk Officer Series: Advanced BSA Officer Training: Risk, Compliance & Real-Life Scenarios (Webinar)
29 Cyber Series: Building & Sustaining a Cyber Intelligence Unit (CIU) (Webinar)

November 2020 

18 Risk Officer Series: Risk Management Officer: Expectations & Responsibilities (Webinar)