Your League offers educational programs to volunteers and professionals on a variety of topics in a face-to-face and distance learning environment. For a list of League events, visit our Calendar of Events.

  • Annual Convention
  • Regulatory & Governmental Affairs Conference
  • Lending and Operations Compliance Schools
  • Special Interest Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

Your League is registered with the Hawaii State Board of Public Accountancy for continuing education credits.  Continuing Professional Education Certificates are available upon request for League conferences, schools, seminar, and workshops.

Western CUNA Management School helps credit union professionals prepare themselves to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment. The school is designed for managers and upper-level operational staff who have set credit union management as their career goal and understand the need to keep abreast of developments in our industry.

Western CUNA Management School's educational program includes courses in Strategic Planning, Operations, Lending, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Business Law, Communications, Leadership and more. Graduates who have developed their skills and knowledge at the school have moved into positions of responsibility and leadership at some of the nation's leading credit unions. Many of them also hold key positions in chapters, leagues, CUNA, and credit union professional societies. Whether the goal is career advancement or simply to stay on top of changes within the industry, no school, conference or seminar in the country can offer credit union professionals a program that surpasses that of Western CUNA Management School.


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The Päkela Awards recognizes credit union professionals and volunteers for their commitment to continuing education. Individuals qualify for the Päkela Award by attending 25 educational credit hours of League workshops, schools, seminars, and conferences beginning July 1 each year and ending June 30 the following year. It also recognizes Western CUNA Management School graduates and  individuals who receive certification and/or designation in the following CUNA designated programs during the same period:

Your League is one of the acceptable proctors for CUNA certification exams.  Some designations offer a self-study program allowing students to pick a time and date for testing.  For most programs, you can choose to take either a paper test of take the test online.  Click here for proctored exam procedures. 

Webinars - Choose from over 150 webinars on audit & accounting, collections, compliance, directors, frontline & new accounts, human resources, information technology, IRA, lending, marketing, operations, security & fraud, and senior management topics.

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