Accounting is fun! Find out more at Basic Credit Union Accounting Class

on "June 03, 2019 10:31 am"

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Credit union accounting is as unique as credit unions. This two-day class introduces the basics of credit union accounting—bookkeeping, the accounting lifecycle, and how to treat various types of assets. Learn how to understand the Statement of Financial Conditions and how to correctly perform a bank reconciliation. Taught by Tracey Itoman, partner and co-owner of CU Pacific Audit Solutions, LLC, this highly rated class brings an understanding of basic accounting even to those with no accounting experience.

tracey itoman

Here’s what people said about this class:

“Tracey's presentation of the HCUL Basic Credit Union Accounting Class was very informative. I especially liked her approach in presenting the information. She makes learning fun. She was open to questions at any time and was very patient with novice students with no accounting knowledge (like me).” 

“This is the first class I've attended, and I have gained more knowledge and understanding of credit union accounting than I expected in such a short period. Great class...super great instructor.”

“Tracey did an awesome job. She made sure we understood the material before going on to the next lesson. Even the homework was great. I would love to take more classes that Tracey teaches.”