Mobile is at the Forefront of the On-Demand Economy

on "May 28, 2019 10:55 am"

Recognizing that members use their phone as an enabler for everything they do, it is not hard to understand why many credit unions are increasing their investment in mobile-centric solutions.

Credit union leaders would do well not to only pay very close attention to their strategy for mobile, but also their strategy for all member-facing channels from tellers to ATMs and reimagine member convenience in all aspects of their financial journey.CUSG Technology Solutions

Currently, there are high hopes for driving the Millennial demographic toward mobile adoption, and this is only increased by the addition of loyalty programs and other features, such as P2P payment functionality. Overseas, the addition of these features is vital in boosting adoption, but one fact remains clear: convenience trumps everything else. Companies must understand the advantage of having polished and streamlined mobile apps, especially since mobile users spend 86 percent of their time on mobile apps and only 14 percent on mobile versions of websites. Fintech companies recognize this and have been moving relentlessly to dominate the mobile space.

What do members, especially millennials want? The ability to pay with the least number of steps possible. Immediacy is the key to mobile convenience.

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