Take a More Comprehensive Approach to Loan Marketing

on "May 21, 2019 11:04 am"

Consumers are in charge. They decide what, when, how, and with whom they do business. Credit unions that embrace this consumer mindset will thrive; those that don’t will be left behind.

It’s no longer just about satisfying your members; it’s about engaging them on their terms. Harland Clarke understands the value of your member relationships. We know when your members are highly engaged, they buy more products and services. They think of the credit union as their primary financial institution. They’re more loyal.

Our solutions help you create engagement in meaningful ways, providing an outstanding experience at every touchpoint, and turning it into a powerful competitive advantage. These are exciting times. We are proud to raise the bar on member engagement and get you connected when, where, and how it matters.

Financial marketers seeking to drive growth must look beyond conventional tactics and adopt an “always-on” loan marketing philosophy, engaging members with the right loan products just when they need them.harland web ad

Harland Clarke’s suite of loan marketing solutions uses proactive and triggered strategies designed to engage members with relevant FCRA-compliant, prescreened offers of credit right when they are most ready to buy. These fully managed programs create a positive customer experience while increasing the likelihood of loan acquisition for sustained loan growth and lower cost per acquisition.

Triggered Loan Acquisition

Engage creditworthy consumers while they’re loan shopping elsewhere

Don’t let your account holders end up with a loan from your competition. Our trigger-based loan marketing solution lets you engage creditworthy members precisely when they are most ready to buy—within 24 hours of their first loan inquiry— with a compelling, relevant, prescreened offer.

By monitoring multiple credit bureaus 24/7 for loan activity, you know right away when your members are loan shopping elsewhere. Our solution automatically prescreens borrowers against your credit union’s underwriting criteria and, within 24 hours, delivers the right offer via a mix of channels to the right borrower at the right time.

Recurring Multi-Product Loan Acquisition

Grow volume across your entire loan portfolio

Our “always-on” solution is a loan marketer’s dream—continually matching prescreened borrowers with multiple, personalized offers for home equity, auto, credit card, personal, and other loans.

A powerful engagement tool, this solution lets your members access, review, and accept multiple loan offers anytime, anywhere. They know all the details up front—interest rates, monthly payments and other terms—for all the loans they’re qualified for. And because all offers are prescreened against your own underwriting criteria, members can confidently say yes with no fear of rejection. You’ll see increased consumer loan volume at a lower cost per acquisition than traditional campaigns.

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