IRS asks to help heighten public awareness of tax scams

on "March 06, 2019 2:21 pm"

The IRS wants to get the word out about tax time scams.

Please feel free to download the article Tips on How to Avoid Falling Victim from an IRS Tax Scam and the graphics pictured here. Use these to heighten awareness of tax time phone scams where aggressive criminals pose as IRS agents in hopes of stealing money or personal information. 

Ideally, the digital ads can be uploaded to your credit union’s web site, app, kiosk, digital monitor and/or social media page. If space is available the article can be included through your electronic daily newsletter in conjunction with the digital ad.

Unfortunately, phone scams or “vishing” (voice phishing) continue to pose a major threat. The scam has cost thousands of people millions of dollars in recent years, and the IRS continues to see variations on these aggressive calling schemes.

Phone scams topped the IRS’ Dirty Dozen list, which is an annual compilation of some of the schemes that threaten both individual and business taxpayers not only during filing season but throughout the year. The IRS appreciates your efforts to share this message.

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