HawaiiUSA FCU brings Reality Fair to Kapolei

on "December 20, 2018 8:16 am"

Mahalo to HawaiiUSA FCU for sponsoring a Get REAL Financial Reality Fair at Kapolei High School on December 13.

Events like these require many volunteers and employees from Hawaii State FCU, Hawaii FCU, Schofield FCU, Harland Clarke, along with HawaiiUSA FCU helped students learn real-world lessons in smart money management. Special thank you to Myles Okoji, College and Career Counselor for Kapolei High School, for allowing HawaiiUSA FCU to come to Kapolei High School for this event.

2018 entertainment hobbies

Students budget for entertainment and hobbies along their life journey.

2018 ron schofield

Ron Aoki (Schofield FCU) provides financial advice to students.

2018 students learning fun

The lessons are real and so is the fun.

2018 tracy lee rachael

Tracy Aiwohi (HCUL), Lee Minor (Harland Clarke), Rachael Sasaki (Hawaii State FCU)

2018 wheelofreality
Students encounter the Wheel of Reality during their journey through life.