Is Your Credit Union Prepared to Handle Mother Nature?

on "October 16, 2018 9:44 am"

Hawaii is no stranger to the wrath of Mother Nature with its susceptibility to hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.  As anticipated by experts, 2018 has progressed to be a very active year as the islands have had to prepare and respond to several natural disasters including the Kilauea volcano eruption on Hawaii Island and unpredictable hurricanes marching toward and sometimes through the islands. 

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While we anxiously track weather reports for the remainder of the hurricane season, credit unions must take the opportunity to ensure members will continue to have access to financial resources, and to ensure your employees’ safety and well-being.  A credit union’s Disaster Recovery Program must be current to ensure continuation of business operations and to provide effective response procedures to multiple internal and external threats. 

Buckley Technology Group (BTG) works with credit unions to ensure their Disaster Recovery Programs align with regulatory expectations by:

  • Completing a Business Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment to identify the level of risk and impact that various disasters will have on the credit union;
  • Developing and/or revising Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans to provide a roadmap for disaster preparedness, declaration, response, and recovery;
  • Implementing an employee training program to communicate disaster recovery roles, responsibilities, and expectations; and
  • Executing a customized Disaster Recovery Testing Program through live or tabletop tests to analyze how well the credit union is prepared to recover from various disasters.

A Disaster Recovery Program must be a dynamic and customized approach tailored to your credit union’s size and complexity.  Contact BTG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1.800.355.4550 so that we can help prepare and protect your credit union.