Farmers Insurance Hawaii is here to help with hurricane insurance

on "October 02, 2018 9:19 am"

Do your members know standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover hurricane damage? 

The 2018 Central Pacific Hurricane season has seen five named storms so far—Hector, Lane, Miriam, Norman, and Olivia. Each time a hurricane made its way toward Hawaii, residents responded with trepidation and multiple trips to Costco. We all prepared for the worse and hoped for the best.

Hurricanes are most likely to occur from June through November in Hawaii. Now is a good time to let your members know about Farmers Insurance Hawaii hurricane insurance. While it is impossible to eliminate all damage from the destructive force of a hurricane, having hurricane insurance could significantly lower risk and possibly save members money on existing coverage.


Members who purchase hurricane insurance through Farmers Insurance Hawaii receive a discount on Farmers Insurance Hawaii auto insurance. If members don’t already have a Farmers Insurance Hawaii auto insurance policy, they can call the dedicated credit union line at 800.515.1023 and can save up to $427* on auto insurance. Farmers Insurance Hawaii can provide your members with special rates and priority service. Farmers Insurance Hawaii understands the needs of Hawaii residents with a local, personal, hands-on care that people in the island community deserve.

If your credit union would like to make hurricane insurance available to members, please call Hawaii Insurance Consultants, part of the Farmers Insurance Hawaii Family of Companies, at 543.9789 or toll-free at 1.877.543.9789 from neighbor islands.

* Average savings from information provided by new policyholders from 8/1/16 to 8/1/17 which showed that they saved by switching to Farmers Insurance Hawaii. Auto Insurance underwritten by 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company. 
Hurricane insurance placed through Hawaii Insurance Consultants, Ltd.

Farmers Insurance Hawaii has been a League Business partner since 1978.

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