Learn how to grow your loan portfolio

on "September 03, 2021 9:25 am"

Loan growth spoken here! Join us for this high-impact, interactive, and informational course on specialized consumer loan sales & underwriting. Loans are the life blood of your credit union and need to be set up and delivered efficiently and effectively. 

Virtual CU Lending Institute
November 3-4, 2021
Registration deadline: October 19, 2021

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November 3-4, 2021 • 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

There will be six 45-minute sessions followed by a 15-minute break between sessions and a 60-minute break for lunch each day. 

Day 1: Consumer Loan Sales
This virtual course is designed to cover the interview/sales portion of the loan interview. The course is high impact, interactive and informative. This course is uniquely crafted to maximize the time spent in an e-learning environment. The sales training will focus on building a performing loan and maximizing cross-sales and ancillary sales.

  • What Must Happen on Every Call
  • What a Good Notes Page Looks Like
  • Closing with the Relationship in Mind
  • Appropriate Cross-Sell Methods
  • Building Confidence over the Phone and Online
  • How to Take a Risk Based Loan Application
  • Reducing Risk through the Loan Interview
  • Selling Ancillary Products
  • Asking for Cash Down
  • Building a Performing Loan

Day 2: Consumer Underwriting
Selling in a credit union environment requires a specialized skill set and approach. Loans are the ‘life blood’ of the organization and the organization needs to be setup to deliver them in the most effective manner. There are three stages to every loan application, the sales effort, underwriting and processing. This virtual course will cover the underwriting portion of the loan interview. The underwriting training will focus on dealing with hot topics in consumer lending:

  • Principles of Successful Loan Decision Making
  • Bankruptcy Predictors
  • Lending on Old Collateral
  • FICO - What We Know from the Score
  • Loan Amount Guidelines
  • Total and Unsecured Debt Ratio Analysis
  • Lending to Young Borrowers
  • Lending to Self-Employed Members
  • The Proper use of Co-Signers
  • Real Risk Factors vs. Not-so-Real Risk Factors
  • Underwriting Higher-Risk Loans
  • The Underwriting Approaches Needed for Higher-Risk Loans
  • Principles of Successful Loan Decision Making
  • Debt Consolidation Loans


Jessica Vartanian is the senior consultant at CU Lending Advice. She began working with credit unions almost a decade ago after spending the first part of her career managing retail branches in the ‘big bank’ space and working in public education. In 2012, Jessica joined Red Rocks CU in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She progressively moved through various roles leading the sales teams, contact center, business development, and information technology. During her tenure, she led the credit union sales team to an organization-high loan growth, successfully established in-depth referral programs within the contact center and branches, and spearheaded numerous enterprise systems conversions-driving organizational efficiency while reducing operational expenses. Her ability to marry technology and process automation, combined with her background in education, enabled her to develop strategies to equip credit unions with the technology and process automation needed to thrive; while simultaneously training and empowering teams for exceptional member experience and sales and lending acumen. Over the years, Jessica’s work has received multiple awards and accolades throughout the credit union industry making her a sought-after speaker, trainer, and mentor.