Ewa FCU raises awareness and funds for Hawaii Foodbank

on "July 14, 2021 1:29 pm"

The hard-working staff at Ewa FCU is committed to helping the community and enthusiastically joined the Hawaii Foodbank’s Credit Union Coalition.

ewafcu pageTo date, the credit union already surpassed its fundraising goal and continues to raise funds and awareness for Hawaii Foodbank.

Ewa FCU FoodbankSponsored by the Ewa Plantation Company, Ewa Federal Credit Union was chartered on February 5, 1937 to serve the Ewa Plantation workers. After 80 years of sugar cane production, Ewa Plantation Company closed its doors, merging with another sugar company, and sponsorship of the credit union was turned over to Oahu Sugar Company. Ewa FCU continued to serve the plantation employees and their families until Oahu Sugar’s shutdown in 1995. The credit union’s Field of Membership was formally amended in 1996 to incorporate the Ewa Villages Community Association comprised of the residents living within distinct boundary lines surrounding the Ewa Villages. In  2015, Ewa FCU converted to a community charter to serve the Ewa Neighborhood Board No.23, encompassing both the Ewa Villages and Ewa Beach communities.


L-R: Member Services Specialist Shaene Gonzales, Operations Supervisor Becky Tubania, Manager Robyn Jara.


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The Credit Union Coalition continues its fundraising through the end of July. The Credit Union Coalition’s goal is to raise $50,000. Please visit and donate on any credit union page.