A Complete Digital Accessibility Solution for Credit Unions

on "July 12, 2021 9:25 am"

Your website is your virtual branch. Is it accessible to all your members?

CUSG audioeyeCUSG and AudioEye combine digital accessibility expertise with machine learning and 24/7 content monitoring to certify and enhance your web services across the board.

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A Complete Digital Accessibility Solution for Credit Unions

July 20, 8:00 am HST

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In the post-pandemic economy, fewer members are returning to the branch. With the CDC reporting that 1-in-4 Americans live with a disability, it’s critical that your website be accessible to current and prospective members of all abilities. In this complimentary webinar from CU Solutions Group and AudioEye, presenter Carol Kleinschmidt will discuss how…

  • Digital accessibility requires monitoring and maintenance—it’s not simply a one-time task
  • AudioEye’s patented accessibility platform finds and fixes many of the most common accessibility issues
  • Technology alone cannot solve all accessibility issues. AudioEye’s human accessibility experts can step in to provide a complete solution
  • In the event of legal action, AudioEye offers advanced legal support
  • There are additional benefits beyond legal compliance for making websites accessible.