The Social Media Blitz Is Coming! Are You Ready?

on "June 23, 2021 8:20 am"

Every voice matters for AUTHENTIC, HIGH-ENERGY CONVERSATION on why we love our credit unions.


The July 30th Social Media Blitz is coming up fast! We’re going all out to unleash the full power of the CU message. Are you ready to join the ranks of credit unions nationwide inspiring members to share what’s best about their credit union? Just in case, let’s have a quick strategy review.



  • GOALRaise awareness about credit unions and share stories about the amazing things they do! We’re taking this positive message to all social platforms.
  • RESOURCES–Visit the resource hub for everything you’ll need to plan for and engage members in this exciting, nationwide collaboration. You’re welcome to personalize these materials with your own branding, design your own content, and add those unique touches that will speak to your membership.
  • TIMING–To make the biggest impact, we all must post on the same day, with the same hashtag! Mark your calendar for Friday, July 30, 2021, and get ready to raise awareness using #ilovemycreditunion!

Remember, it’s all about inspiring credit union teams and members to share what’s best about their CU experience on social media. Got it? Great! We’re counting on you to make this campaign a total victory for credit unions!

If you have any questions about ways your credit union can participate, contact or Laurie Moore at the League.