Teen “ARTivist” unveils Mural For a Cause at Hickam Federal Credit Union

on "June 08, 2021 9:52 am"

Environmental ARTivist and Artists Save Waves founder, Stephanie Hung unveiled her latest mural in collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii at Hickam Federal Credit Union’s Main Branch on June 7.

The unveiling of the mural entitled “See the Light” was painted in hope of raising awareness about saving and protecting Hawaii’s ocean and land environment.

Stephanie Hung, a recent graduate of Punahou School said, “it is my hope that the mural will serve as a constant reminder to all that see or learn about it that we all need to see the light and live with determination to help protect our islands and precious environment. The old diver in the mural sheds a beam of light onto the way things used to look and we need to be mindful that we cannot continue to pollute and trash our home. Lets’ all take care and See the Light together.”

The unveiling coincides with the launch of Hickam FCU’s “Cards with a Cause” campaign that features five new credit card/debit card designs created by Hung and supports the mission of Artists Save Waves and Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i. “We found the partnership to be a perfect match that aligns with our values,” said Scott Kaulukukui, Hickam FCU president/CEO. “Our new credit card program provides our members with a great looking card that is one of the most high-tech cards available – plus, it supports a cause for a place we all live in – our Hawai’i!”  All of Hickam FCU’s new cards support contactless transactions for enhanced fraud protection. Along with the new features that benefit the cards’ users, there are also features that benefit our Islands. With this eco-cause partnership, Hickam FCU will donate to Stephanie’s non-profit organization, Artists Save Waves. 

elefante hung kaulukukui
Councilman Brandon Elefante, ARTivist Stephanie Hung, and Hickam FCU CEO Scott Kaulukukui pose in front of the mural.

In return, Artists Save Waves will gift a donation to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, allowing them to continue their work to protect and preserve Hawai’i’s oceans. Rafael Bergstrom, executive director of Sustainable Coastlines said, “we truly value this partnership with Stephanie and what this young, talented, and inspirational person is doing to contribute to helping Hawaii protect our environment. That is what we are all about. Thanks to the commitment between Stephanie and Hickam FCU, we know this will help Sustainable Coastlines continue to prosper to do our work in the community. We knew Hickam FCU was serious about this partnership when they came out to help us clean the beaches too. This is a great partnership. We support Cards with a Cause.”

Scott Kaulukukui said, “We are committed to taking care of our island beaches, shorelines and sea life, and with this initiative we are empowered by the opportunity to give back and do something to help the sustainability of our people and our island home. We also thank so many that have been involved in bringing this amazing project to fruition. Stephanie’s family has been very supportive on everything we have worked on together. For the “See the Light” mural unveiling plan we were fortunate to have help along the way from Brilhante Picture Framing, Artist Thomas Deir acting as a mentor to the team, and Chromaco that has helped with hanging the mural and with plans to sell and donate prints of “See the Light” to continue to raise awareness and funds to support the charity.”

stephanie hung mural