Keep your families and team members safe and healthy this hurricane season

on "May 24, 2021 1:17 pm"

Access strives to protect the well-being of clients, team members, and communities this hurricane season.

access web adWe have now entered the 2021 hurricane season which runs through November 30. Early predictions suggesting above-normal activity, areas along the Gulf Coast, US and Canadian East Coast.  Hawaii is predicted to have 2 to 5 tropical cyclones this hurricane region, including tropical depressions, named storms, and hurricanes. A near-normal season has 4 or 5 tropical cyclones.

“As we have experienced in previous hurricane seasons, it only takes one direct hit, or even a close call, to have a major impact on daily life here in the Hawaiian Islands,” said Chris Brenchley, director of NOAA’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center. “Take time to prepare now.  Make a preparedness plan so that you and your family stay healthy and safe.”

Access is a League business partner for records storage, document management and imaging, off-site media vault, and document destruction. The company emphasizes the well-being of clients, team members, and communities as a top priority. Access business continuity and storm preparedness plans are secure and robust. A few specific areas of focus include:

  • Safeguarding your critical information at all times
  • Ongoing proactive inspection and protection of facilities and service vehicles
  • Ensuring readiness of security and back-up protection systems
  • Flexible client support plans

Access provides clear and prompt communication to clients before, during and after the threat of a hurricane in your area.

To reach Access’ Client Care team, visit its Support page or call 877-345-3546.