Create the plan, execute on performance, and get ready to achieve with CEO Review

on "May 24, 2021 10:43 am"

Credit unions are best served when a CEO is compensated appropriately. When CEOs don’t have to focus on their own pay, they can devote all of their attention to serving members.

When their pay is aligned with the market, a board of directors can avoid unnecessary executive turnover and enjoy a stronger working relationship with the CEO. It’s a win-win scenario when compensation is done right. Yet many credit unions have an annual struggle with this exercise.

CEOReviewlogoCEO Review is the answer to your CEO pay for performance needs. Why? CEO Review gives you the tools to effectively evaluate and tie your CEO’s performance to your credit union’s goals and priorities. Having a performance plan that can be executed on and then reviewed allows the Board to keep the CEO cognizant of their role in achieving identified goals to ensure organizational success.

CEO Review from CU Solutions Group is designed around the unique requirements and needs of your credit union. It aligns performance to a CEO payout that is in sync with both the marketplace and the board’s compensation philosophy.  Key Features include:  

  • Dedicated CEO Review Consultant,
  • Customized CEO performance plan and review,
  • Customized CEO compensation plan and review,
  • CEO compensation benchmarking, Board confidence - clear expectations for performance and due diligence on executive compensation.

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In addition, you may register for a webinar scheduled for Wednesday, June 9 at 8:00 a.m. HST.  Click here to register here and choose “League” in the referred by field.