Hickam FCU staff clean up beach for Earth Day

on "April 28, 2021 9:40 am"

Fifteen Hickam FCU employees and a handful of their relatives participated in Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s (SCH) Earth Day Beach Clean-Up.

The group fanned out on Sherwood Beach in Waimanalo for the clean-up, which included clearing out microplastics.

For many, it was an eye-opening experience to see just how much microplastics litter our beaches. Microplastics damage aquatic creatures, as well as turtles and birds by blocking digestive tracts, diminishing the urge to eat. Their stomachs stuffed with plastic, some species starve and die. SCH reported over 800 pounds of debris (100,000+ pieces) were removed during the Earth Day Beach Clean-Up. About 200 pounds of debris will be upcycled, recycled, or used for education and art.