CUs to work collectively on Summer foodbank initiative

on "April 28, 2021 9:35 am"

Hawaii’s credit unions are stronger and better together.  During the months of June and July, Hawaii’s credit unions will be holding food drives/fundraisers to benefit foodbanks on its respective islands. 

Credit unions were notified by islands and encouraged to participate collectively.

How to implement successful food and fund drives

  • Contact the Foodbank on your island
    • Hawaii Island
    • Kauai
    • Maui
    • Oahu
  • Set a goal for your credit union
    • Share fun facts about donations— e.g., $10 helps provide food for 25 meals. The Foodbank contact person is the best resource for this information.
    • Have visual progress on the campaign. Create a large barometer sign and post it where your members and staff can see your progress.
    • Take pictures of members and staff donating and share on your social media.
  • Stage a safe, designated area to collect food. Choosing a high-traffic, visible area lets people know where they can donate. Consider decorating your donation area to a theme selected by your team
  • Involve your staff. Create a committee with your staff, community leaders, neighboring offices, etc. Consider hosting a kick-off and keep your team energized.
  • Spread the word through your social media, newsletters, emails, etc.
  • Celebrate the hard work and efforts of your team. Let them know how they made a difference in the lives of your members and community.
  • Share your progress with your League! Email your event photos to Laurie Okawa Moore for publication.

If you have any questions, please email Tracy Aiwohi at the League or call 808.941.0556 or toll-free 888.331.JOIN.