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Best Practices for Today's Credit Union Board

Being a board member is a big responsibility in today’s increasingly complex financial services environment. Strategic governance requires a big-picture focus – despite competing responsibilities and limited time. How do you determine whether you’re representing members well? Are you using tools like consent agendas and electronic portals? Do you know how to increase board performance?

This session will provide practices that have been proven across a variety of board sizes and types. Using the right set of options will improve strategic governance and compliance. Attend this webinar to learn more and receive a copy of The Little Book of CU Board Best Practices.

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ADA Website Compliance: Requirements, Common Issues & Litigation

Financial institutions across the country are receiving demand letters from law firms representing disabled clients, who claim they were denied access to goods and services in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Large sums of money are being demanded to settle the claims. The letters cite website readability and accessibility issues, such as content expressed only in graphics or a font size that is too small. In recent months, the number of ADA suits against financial institutions has spiked sharply! Compliance with ADA website regulations is not something you can afford to postpone.

Your website serves as your 24/7 branch and just like your brick and mortar locations, it should provide equal access and opportunities to all. Recent pullback of rulemaking from the Department of Justice does not negate the risk of private lawsuits or limit potential liability if your website does not meet accessibility guidelines. This session will review common issues cited in demand letters and provide guidelines and best practices to help you prepare a plan to update your website to meet the proposed accessibility standards and avoid costly litigation.

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Developing & Managing Employee Performance Through Effective Recruiting, Onboarding & Coaching

Performance management starts with effective recruitment and thorough onboarding. Initial hiring and training practices have many long-term effects on performance. It is also imperative to have trained supervisors who are effective coaches and provide continuous feedback. Can you determine if and why some employees aren’t performing? Are those issues addressed through counseling or the disciplinary process? Do you conduct formal performance reviews? Most HR professionals agree that formal reviews are not necessarily effective.

This webinar will address hiring, onboarding, day-to-day feedback, and a more formal review program. Learn key concepts of an effective performance management program and the pros and cons of various models. Best practices, trends in performance management systems, and tips for improvement will be covered.

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