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on "April 12, 2021 9:06 am"

Promotional products are made with varying levels of quality. From the "not so good" to the Retail quality and everything in between, products are a great example of You Get What You Pay For. I'm pleased to introduce two products of retail quality in our promotional world.


FlatBox is a patented lunch bag solution for today's world. FlatBox is a patented, machine washable lunch bag that easily unzips into a placemat providing a clean & safe eating surface anywhere. Triple insulation keeps your food cold.

flat lunchbag

flat lunchbag2

flat lunchbag3

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Safe Mask

In the world of face masks, N95 is king. But, given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that they be reserved for healthcare workers, they're off the table. Many people purchased promotional quality masks with a printed logo.  What if you could have the near-medical quality at a promotional product pricing? Introducing Safe Mask - made with Nano-breathable White or Black polyester for maximum antibacterial properties. Anti-Droplet; Nose Fit; UV Resistant; Washable; With or Without lanyard accessory. Full color Logo is heat transferred for durability. Quality certification is available upon request.




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