League's first virtual convention finds real-time success

on "April 09, 2021 8:15 am"

Over 100 attendees at the first HCUL virtual convention enjoyed relevant topics that spoke to credit union viability and future success.

102920 FINAL AC web bannerMahalo to our Thursday Educational Session speakers:

  • Patrick Adams, St. Louis Community FCU
  • Jim Bullard, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Angela Prestil, CU Difference



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Credit unions need to get “phygital” by using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world, providing unique interactive experiences for the user. Mobile based transactions are the future and members want 24/7 access to their accounts. Adams noted, however that physical branches will not be relevant. Branch operations need to be relational with staff offering solutions to member needs. Members also need to feel safe in your branches with appropriate protective measures (masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, etc.).


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Relevancy and viability of credit unions will depend on seamless integration of the human touch in face-to-face interactions and digital across all platforms (e.g., mobile, laptop, branch etc.) Credit unions must meet members at the end of their mobile devices as well as give them the opportunity to choose online or in-person interaction. While each credit union has its own unique footprint, now is the time to optimize your lending programs and associated cyber security.


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Psychologists say people remember the peaks and the ends of their experiences. Make sure your members are not merely “whelmed” by your credit union, but OVERwhelmed by extraordinary moments in average, everyday interactions. Prestil encouraged credit unions to create special moments, creatively resolve problems with over-the-top solutions, elevate experiences, and break the script with fun surprises for members and appreciation for staff.



Mahalo to our Friday Educational Session speakers:

  • Roger Grannis, Grannis Group
  • Celeste Cook, CU Strategies
  • Rory Rowland
roger grannis speaks

Communicating in times of crisis involves listening from another person’s point of view, finding things in common, and understanding and relating to the person’s communication style.  For help members struggling with health and economic impacts of COVID 19, it is important to take time to listen, understand, and offer relevant solutions.


celest cook

Give members and non-members a reason to do business with your credit union. Increase loyalty and increased member retention through relationship-driven strategies and programs and staff providing financial solutions.


rory speaks

Rory Rowland shared how credit unions can work turnarounds in the lives of members and staff as we come through the COVID 19 pandemic. Using lessons learned from three notable leaders – Trans-Antarctic explorer Ernest Shakelton, President Harry S. Truman, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Rowland expounded on leadership abilities like positivity in face of deadly challenges, facing challenges with context (“this is not the worst”), and being honest about mistakes.


dennis speaks

League President Dennis Tanimoto, proudly wearing his pandemic facial hair, thanks attendees for supporting the HCUL virtual convention.