Key Ratios for CEOs and Strategic Conversations In CUAnalyzer

on "March 24, 2021 9:04 am"

CUAnalyzer makes it easy to pull pre-made (and easily customizable) data packets geared towards CEOs and strategy-driven conversations.

callahan hcul logoCredit unions have full access to CUAnalyzer through its affiliation with Hawaii Credit Union League. You have access to everything listed in this email. Simply sign in to get started.

Credit unions like yours use our peer data to enhance board meetings, start strategic discussions, and educate their teams on how the credit union is performing. Pull the CEO or Strategy packets in a few easy steps:

  • Log into your Callahan Portal and access CUAnalyzer.
  • Change your peer group (if you’d like) from the pre-set asset-based peer group.
  • Click on Department Dashboards for all role-based pre-build packets.
  • Board/Governance and Strategy were created with the CEO in mind


From there, view the dashboard on the web, export it, or send it to your colleagues – directly from CUAnalyzer.

Each ratio includes a visual star ranking, ratio definition, and performance analysis. CUAnalyzer is now fully updated with year-end 2020 data.