New ATM offers value to members and nonmembers alike

on "March 03, 2021 10:32 am"

Onomea FCU recently installed a new ATM at its Papaikou (Big Island) main office.

onomea atm The credit union was able to purchase the ATM and remodel the space needed through NCUA’s 2019 Underserved Outreach Grant Initiative*

Onomea FCU CEO David Morgan stated, "Our members love having this new service available to them and so is the community!"  Morgan further explained this ATM is a "community service" and open to anyone to use SURCHARGE-FREE for all during 2021. 

“We wanted to provide a service that helps everyone, especially right now in this challenging economy,” Morgan noted. “Not charging a fee to access your own money is one way to provide help to members and nonmembers. During the first few weeks of operation, we had more than 200 withdrawals and not charging a $3-$5 fee per transaction kept hundreds of dollars in peoples’ pockets."

*The NCUA Underserved Outreach initiative is designed to help credit unions implement innovative outreach strategies that will improve the financial well-being of individuals living in underserved areas.