Everbridge keeps you connected when it counts

on "February 19, 2021 4:25 pm"

Everbridge is a League business partner providing a comprehensive notification system that keeps everyone informed before, during, and after all emergency or non-emergency events. It enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence.


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Join us on February 25th at 9:00 am HST, to refresh your memory on the basics, or learn more about Everbridge for the first time. Please join us for an interactive customer-only webinar with the Everbridge Customer Success Team, who will review the basic process to send a Notification from Everbridge.

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Conducting periodic testing of your Everbridge solution is a key contributor to the success of the system within your organization.  Here are some tips and considerations when testing:

  • INTERNAL TESTING There is value in conducting small scale testing to internal test groups (e.g. IT, HR, Safety & Security) before conducting a system wide test. This allows you to course correct where needed based on recipient feedback and test results before any wide scale testing is conducted.

  • SYSTEM AWARENESS PRIOR TO TESTING:  Publicize the system to ensure message recipients know you have a notification system, when you intend to use it, and what they can expect to see, hear, and be responsible for as message recipients. Leverage social media outlets!  Inform recipients of your testing schedule (e.g. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly, etc.) and stick to it!  Consider the time of day a test is conducted depending on your target audience. For example, testing to Domestic vs. Global Employees which may require testing on different days to respect local time zones.  Send a reminder to recipients to update their contact information in advance of testing. Ensure these reminders include helpful links for where to go (e.g. HRIS system, Member Portal, Everbridge App) to sign up, review, and/or update their information.

  • SETTINGS REVIEW:  Review your Organization's Notification Settings to ensure everything is configured and branded as needed.

  • IDENTIFYING UNREACHABLE CONTACTS:  Easily generate a Custom Report to identify any Unreachable Contacts in the system prior to testing.  Use the Contacts Report Type with Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Delivery Method and Delivery Method Value. Download .csv, filter on Delivery Method column, and sort on “Blanks” for a list of Unreachable Contacts.  

  • TEST NOTIFICATION MESSAGE:  Use templates to pre-define test notification content.  Clearly indicate in the message, "This is a TEST".  Don’t use an actual event (e.g. Fire/Evac or Active Shooter) for the test notification as this may cause confusion.  Include your test notifications as part of an Event to report on all tests together.

  • POST TESTING REVIEW/ACTION PLAN:  Review test results with a stakeholder team comprised of both system administrators and leadership.  Were anticipated Confirmation Rates achieved?  What Delivery Method had the highest percentage of confirmations?  Did any Contacts report not receiving the notification?  Did any Contacts report receiving a notification on an unexpected device/not receiving a message on a device they expected to?  Did any Contacts report the notification as SPAM? Whitelisting Everbridge domain information is key prior to testing. Based on test results and recipient feedback, you may need to adjust your Templates and/or Settings.