Communicating in Times of Crisis is featured convention session

on "February 09, 2021 3:17 pm"

No one can deny the year 2020 had more than its share of challenges. How do credit unions help their members thrive during challenging times?

By communicating effectively. It sounds simple and easy, but it’s not. Effective communication is an art that takes commitment, practice, and lifelong learning. Your League is excited to feature Roger Grannis on our virtual convention stage. He brings a whole new perspective on what it means to communicate well - especially in these troubling times — and will help you fine-tune the skills you need to build trust, forge lasting relationships, and increase revenue growth. 


Grannis is considered one of the most energizing, knowledgeable and entertaining speakers on influence, sales, and communications. Grannis brings a rare combination of expertise and humor to every speaking engagement.  

Please join us April 8-9 for Hawaii Credit Union League's 82nd Convention, an exciting, virtual event featuring top speakers, exhibits, and networking opportunities.

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