Top five analytics news briefs

on "January 28, 2021 11:18 am"

Stay informed on what’s happening in the world of credit union analytics in this January edition of the AdvantEdge Analytics Top 5 News Brief.

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1. CU Broadcast Interview: Data Analytics in 2021

In a recent CU Broadcast interview with Mike Lawson, Holly Karpinske, Implementation Program Manager, and Emily Engstrom, Director of Client Relations, shared how the digital acceleration of 2020 impacted credit unions’ data analytics transformation and why it’s significant for success in 2021. The pair provided advice for credit unions looking to get started, as well as what makes an analytics implementation successful, common missteps credit unions have made in their digital transformation journeys — and how to avoid them.

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2. Podcast: Use Your Data to Understand Your Staff and Members

No two credit unions will experience the impact of COVID-19 in exactly the same way. The same can be said for both credit union staff and the members they serve. That’s why it’s more important than ever to understand the stories your data is telling and take action. In this episode of NAFCU Services’ CU Lab Podcast, Nikole John, Program Analyst, and Lisa Knoche, Client Relations Manager, share tips on viewing your data with a fresh perspective. Learn how to utilize daily reports to motivate your staff and automate reporting so you can spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it for action.

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3. VantEdge Point Webinar: Using Data to Drive Your 2021 Lending Strategy

For our January VantEdge Point webinar, experts from our Digital Lending Experience and AdvantEdge Analytics teams presented “2020 Hindsight: Using Data to Drive Your 2021 Lending Strategy.” View the recording to discover what data from the past year can teach us about industry trends and how to best use your own 2020 data to enhance your lending strategy into 2021 and beyond. Be sure to register for the next VantEdge Point webinar on February 18, 2021 at 2:00 PM CT to explore digital trends reshaping the financial landscape.

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4. Four Data-Driven Ideas for Helping Members Use Economic Impact Payments

By using your credit union’s own data to drive outreach, your member service team can offer up highly relevant, easy-to-implement ideas for how members can gain the greatest value from their stimulus money. In this blog post, Brian Stahl, Business Solutions Consultant, offers up four specific opportunities data insights can reveal, and importantly, how your team can activate those insights.

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5. Helping Members Make Smart Student-Loan Repayment Decisions

Although the federal student loan repayment pause is scheduled to end on Jan. 31, 2021, many believe it will be renewed, generating even more “should I or shouldn’t I” questions for education debt holders — and an even greater imperative for credit unions to offer guidance. Explore three analytics strategies for empowering members to navigate the maze of student debt.

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