Free On-Demand Webinar: Vendor Management Lifecycle & Due Diligence Best Practices

on "December 10, 2020 1:51 pm"

Financial institutions are required to have in place a comprehensive and Board-approved Vendor Management Program, which continues to be a focus and priority during examinations.

2014 BTG logoThe increase in using external third parties to deliver products and services to members also intensifies the credit union’s need to manage associated risk.  However, many institutions fall short in managing its third parties beyond onboarding. In fact, vendor due diligence and monitoring should be performed following the vendor’s lifecycle.

Buckley Technology Group (BTG) is offering a complimentary on-demand webinar introducing the vendor lifecycle and due diligence best practices that can be incorporated into your credit union’s Vendor Management Program for each phase of the lifecycle.  The presentation provides an overview of how credit unions can manage risk for prospective vendors, new vendors, existing vendors, and terminated vendors.  For access to BTG’s “Vendor Management: Lifecycle Stages & Due Diligence” presentation, please contact Elisabeth Esposito, Consulting Engagement Manager, at