Think printing is “so last year”? American Solutions for Business says printing is everywhere!

on "October 26, 2020 10:09 am"

How many printed items can you see in your workspace?  On my desk there are business cards, Post-It Notes, notepad, mousepad, catalog, stickers, printed Amazon Box with printed Amazon tape, invoices, bank statement, envelope.  My desk is not that big, yet there are many printed items on it. What's on your desk?

by Karen Mendes, American Solutions for Busniess

Some say the printing industry has shrunk because of the internet.  Some say printing will never be the same. Both statements are completely true.  Details evolve. Some orders are smaller, needed faster, have to cost less —but the printed message will never go away.  We will always use printing as a form to convey information, message, feeling, and more.

Look back at your workspace - how many of those printed items have a company name and logo? How many printed items have your company name and logo?

The Doritos brand is well known and bold enough to use "No Logo" as a marketing campaign.  Are you bold enough to send correspondence without your branding or with an old address or the wrong logo?

Let's chat about printing.


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