The Planning Process: Improved with Planning Pro

on "October 08, 2020 2:08 pm"

Nothing is as disappointing for CEOs and board members alike, as coming off a lengthy planning session with no tangible results.

Many credit union leaders are considering the question of how to facilitate more effective planning sessions, and in return, generate a more effective strategic plan. For board members to offer proper guidance, they need the proper information and metrics, which they often do not receive. For CEOs, who are tasked with delivering on the strategic plan, they need a robust vision and direction from the board.

Overview for improved planning

  • Strategic planning should be kept simple, with a focus on frictionless collaboration between staff and the board
  • Areas of interest should likely include risk management, board, and staff culture, investing in human capital, and improving the member experience
  • Leadership should consider leveraging more advanced organizational tools with real-time reporting and presentation-building capability

A software-led approach

Typically, keeping track of a complex and evolving strategic plan on word processor documents is not enough. Software that helps a credit union’s staff and board visualize the strategic plan can help define roles and keep everyone on track. Being able to update and change plans, monitor progress, and ensure accountability is also very much in demand.

The strategic planning process outlines the direction of an organization, so it makes sense to give the process some weight and consideration. However, planners will find that they get out of it what they are willing to put in: an effective strategic plan takes effort and the right tools.

Planning Pro

Planning Pro is the answer to all your planning needs. Board, management, and staff planning become a breeze. Planning Pro enables you to create your strategic plan as a living document, where you can create and automatically update presentations, use call report data to bring the right questions to the table, compare data with peer credit union groups, survey your employees, and more, all while enjoying a simple, intuitive user experience.

Planning Pro helps teams coordinate and collaborate even when everyone is working remotely. Plus, it gives increased visibility into who is working on what,  the status of a team member’s activities, deadline notices, and the overall progress of a project – no matter where the participants are located. To see a demonstration, call John Fotopoulos at 480.310.2467 or click here.