Creating Custom Peer Groups in CUAnalyzer

on "October 07, 2020 11:20 am"

This is not a sales email! Hawaii Credit Union League has access to CUAnalyzer, thanks to your affiliation with the Hawaii Credit Union League.

cuanalyzer hcul logoYou can log into CUAnalyzer via the Callahan Portal.

Three Easy Steps To Build A Custom Peer Group

STEP 1: Click on the Peer Group drop down, located in the upper left-hand side of the screen. Then Click –Create Peer Group- (the first option in the drop down)


STEP 2: Set the Financial criteria for your Peer Group.

  • You may enter minimum and/or maximum ranges for each criterion – please be sure to use the notation directions (boxed in red).
  • To see which credit unions match your criteria, click the Preview button.
  • To exclude one or more specific credit union from your Peer Group, select them in the preview table and click


STEP 3: Click the Geography tab. Set the Geographical criteria for your Peer Group.

  1. By default, all states are selected. To deselect states, click the No States button.
  2. To select a state(s), click on the state on the map so it turns gray.
  3. To select a NCUA Region, click on the region name in the list of regions. 


Use the “Include/Exclude” tab as a final review, then “Name and Finish” to save your custom peer group. Now, you’re ready to analyze!

Reminder: You can always log into your client portal to access CUAnalyzer or visit our support site for how-to-videos and to learn about additional CUAnalyzer features.

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