Become a Valued Resource for your Members on All Things Tax - Offer TurboTax

on "October 05, 2020 2:50 pm"

Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn the benefits of TurboTax for your credit union and savings for your members.

TurboTax Webinar
October 8, 2020 • 8:00 am HST

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The 2020 tax season is right around the corner. This tax season your members may be full of questions about the tax implications of the stimulus payments, unemployment, etc. TurboTax has your members covered, from simple to complex taxes and on demand advice.

Join CU Solutions Group for a webinar on Thursday October 8 and learn:

  1. How offering TurboTax can help strengthening your member relationships
  2. Creative ways to tie tax refunds to your core products and services to improve member engagement
  3. Bring savings to your members on TurboTax. Last season members saved over $1.4M on TurboTax
  4. Capturing tax refunds to grow deposits and investments - over $239B in refunds were directly deposited into financial institutions last tax season
  5. New relevant tax related content that you can use to educate your members on how the events of 2020 may affect their taxes
  6. Ways to remind your members how financial health matters all year long, not just at tax season, and what they can do now to help save on their taxes