Managing consumer flows to ensure social distancing

on "October 05, 2020 1:35 pm"

Diebold Nixford offers a multi-layered approach to support sustainable and healthy journeys in retail banking.

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Maintaining a healthy, safe and sustainable environment now is more complex than ever before. It will take a multi-layered approach that will continue to evolve based on social restrictions to make your staff and members safe while providing sustainable operations and business growth.

Create a plan. It can feel overwhelming, but this is important. While your plan may change and continue to evolve over time, this will keep everyone aligned and result in having a profound impact on business operations and your members’ confidence.

To do this, you need to consider a matrix of factors: 

  • Operations
    • Hygiene – Discover new and enhanced processes for disinfecting your credit union. Consider and note high-touch areas for both staff and members. What extra steps can be added to existing operational best practices to ensure a safe, clean and distanced environment? For example, look into an Antimicrobial Protection Plan for high-traffic equipment, such as the self-service channel
    • Social Distancing – How can you rethink staff journeys to limit social distancing? Where in your operations can you install and limit social distancing precautions to ensure safety? Based on your area’s medical guidance, provide masks for employees that cannot maintain proper distance and rethink methods of spacing and processes to support increased distancing. Add your credit union logo to make it fun and exciting to wear for staff.  For members, hand them out as ‘thank you’ gifts during branch interactions.    
    • Communication – Does your staff understand your new journeys and the processes you’re building in order to operate in a safe, sustainable and healthy way? Front-line workers need extra communication to make sure they’re aware of new processes and know what and when you’re implementing to make them safe when serving your members. Constant and consistent communication is key. 
  • Members
    • Hygiene – A satisfying experience can only be achieved when the member feels safe and the most protective measures are being taken. The steps you take need to be constant, visible and reinforced.
    • Social Distancing – Efficient new journeys to encourage a member’s social distancing is key to making everyone feel safe. A member will easily adopt new methods of interacting with you if you can accomplish this well and gives them the satisfying reward of your service and product.
    • Communication – New journeys and processes can be confusing. Provide an abundance of communication markers that are visible and clearly describe the new journey and processes that have been added to increase their safety.
  • Technology
    • Hygiene – Contemplate adding technology to improve the member journey. What new technology can increase hygiene in your environment? Hand sanitizer stations, antimicrobial solutions (e.g. drive-up carriers) and alcohol-based cleaners can be used as a protectant and disinfectant. Or, as mentioned previously, look into an Antimicrobial Protection Plan for high-traffic equipment, such as the self-service channel.  Installing safety barriers (e.g. sneeze guards) between members and staff at the teller window adds an additional safety precaution for everyone. 
    • Social Distancing – Limit the number of members in your branch at one time. Consider a counting solution that is simple, non-intrusive and quick to implement. In addition, create a queuing system that allows members to check-in online or in-person for their appointment.  Or, if a member doesn’t have an appointment, how can they be added to the queue for assistance?  Members are able to wait in their cars until they are called which eliminates the need for a member to approach the teller window/desk unnecessarily.      
    • Communication – Communication, communication, communication – this is not a typical consumer behavior trend change. This is forced behavior change. Extra communication on what you want the member to do and what you are trying to accomplish is one of the most critical steps you need to consistently and continually take. 

During this time, creating a sustainable and healthy customer journey is most important for your members.  Diebold Nixdorf is ready to assist you with flexible solutions to support your plan and make sure your credit union is one your members continue to visit and trust. 

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