Iconic “Little Man” gets inclusive makeover

on "June 26, 2020 2:26 pm"

CUToday.info, a leading source of news and resources for credit union decision-makers, commissioned a graphic artist to update and refresh an iconic image in U.S. credit union history, the Little Man Under the Umbrella.

Screen Shot 2020 06 23 at 81639 PM galleryfull The Little Man was created by artist Joe Stern in 1923 and began appearing in CUNA publications in 1924. At the time, credit unions were just beginning to gain traction nationally and he became a “symbol for the average man besieged by financial difficulties.”

In the new graphic, the Little Man is joined by more than a half-dozen other people to represent the expanded inclusivity of the credit union community, which is open to all.

The new People Under the Umbrella graphic is available free to any credit union or credit union organization that would like to have it for use, and in a variety of formats. Those interested can contact CUToday’s Cooperator-in-Chief Frank Diekmann at Frank@CUToday.info.