Coronavirus: Business Continuity Lessons Learned

on "April 28, 2020 8:15 am"

With many organizations beginning to look ahead at the road to recovery, Agility is hosting a webinar session to talk about some of the expectations vs. reality, and how to maintain resiliency.

Hear from our customers their real-world tips for returning to the new normal, and how organizations can better prepare for a potential future outbreak. 

Coronavirus: Business Continuity Lessons Learned
Live Webinar
Tue, May 19 •  8:00-9:00 AM HST 

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agility recovery logoJoin Agility Recovery’s Mark Norton and a customer panel for an interactive webinar that will cover the following:

  • The current status of the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Looking ahead – returning to a new normal
  • Maintaining resiliency – immediate next steps to take
  • Q&A session


Agility Recovery is a League business partner through its alliance with CUNA Strategic Services (CSS). Agility helps businesses be prepared before, during, and after an incident happens. With over 10 years as a CSS strategic services solutions provider, Agility has evolved into the leading business continuity and disaster recovery end-to-end solution in the market. For more information, contact HCUL Member Relations Officer Becky Jandoc at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.