CUNA Digital Marketing School maximizes your CU's impact

on "March 05, 2020 8:43 am"

Whether your credit union needs an introduction to digital marketing or you're looking to enhance your existing strategies, this school has the current, relevant and reliable information you need. After mastering the fundamental concepts covered at this school, you'll return to your credit union fully prepared to maximize your impact in the digital arena. 

At CUNA Digital Marketing School, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of topics like:

    • Google Analytics
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO and the Digital Branch
    • Social Media Compliance

PLUS: Pre-Conference Workshop: Podcasting 101 Workshop

cuna logoWho Should Attend? 
This school is beneficial for credit union marketing professionals looking to build and grow their skills in the areas of digital marketing, social media and website analytics.

Because the competency level of digital marketing varies in credit union marketing, it's difficult to categorize the content in terms of beginner, novice, intermediate, etc. The optional pre-conference webinars are strongly recommended for anyone who needs an intro or refresher on basic concepts of digital marketing, social media and Google Analytics.

What's new in 2020? 
We've updated the format for 2020 by adding workshops and breakouts, and repeat attendees will enjoy plenty of new content based on feedback from last year's attendees, including marketing compliance. Credit unions sending multiple attendees will find value in the many breakout sessions, allowing you to maximize training dollars.

Do I Need a Laptop? 
While it's not required to have a laptop or tablet during the school, the ability to have a device during the classroom sessions will enhance your applied learning. However, you'll still be able to follow along and participate without a device.