Expanding Horizons & Sustainability

on "February 21, 2020 2:14 pm"

Wheat-based products provide eco-friendly solutions for your credit union's promotional needs.

By Karen Mendes, American Solutions for Business

I've just returned from our annual national sales conference in Fort Worth, TX. This year's theme was "Expanding Horizons". At this five-day event, we kept busy with opportunities for education, recognition, and networking. Much of our education revolved around the issue of sustainability.

WHEATCUP10 WHEATCUP10 15778We are trying to expand our product lines of eco-friendly materials. As you may know, eco-friendly products have been trending over the years and maybe now more than ever.

WHEATBOX MAIN 15817These new eco-friendly promotional products include wheat-based items that have been turned into food containers, reusable straws, stylus pens, and mugs. Wheat-based products have been around for a few years now but are starting to pick up in popularity.

Here's the background on this new material, which is just an improved way to recycle a traditional agricultural product. Wheat straw is a byproduct of growing wheat grain. It’s the dry stalk plant residue left behind after the harvest of grain. Although common straw is mostly a waste product, people have historically found uses for leftover straw such as animal feed, thatched roofs, and bedding. 

WSUS WSUS 15777An important new use has emerged for straw in the last few years: replacing plastic. Like plastic, wheat straw is both light and strong, making it one of several plants used today to make bioplastics. But unlike plastic, wheat straw isn't made from fossil fuels. When broken down, certain components in wheat can be easily shaped into durable objects. When discarded, bio-plastics dissolve, unlike normal plastics.

Let us evaluate the products you currently use and see whether we can start to be more sustainable and eco-friendly together.

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