Hawaii Law Enforcement FCU partners with Honolulu police to make the season bright

on "December 05, 2019 12:09 pm"

Hawaii Law Enforcement FCU (HLEFCU) answered the call to “Deck the Halls” of Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Headquarters for the holidays.

This was the second time HPD’s Community Affairs Division asked the credit union to create festive décor to dress up HPD’s Beretania Street building.

Just before Halloween, HLEFCU staff began brainstorming ideas and decided on a Winter Wonderland theme. Larger than life sized gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, and a towering candy tree were digitally designed by HLEFCU accounting specialist Bryden Tsukano. Large vases, cement, and expanding foam were masterfully transformed into huge cupcakes. Staff ordered and HPD picked up wood, bolts, drywall compound, paint, cement mix, expanding foam, and a whole lot of glitter

Time in November was set aside to work on decoration at the main branch. Employees, their families, and HPD all pitched in to help – even on weekends.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, HPD transported the decorations from the credit union to the Main Police Station. HPD and HLEFCU employees made the finishing touches onsite.

edited hlefcu painting ginger
Painting with primer, color, and spray varnish makes for a festive and weather proof ginegerbread man.

edited sanding
Spackling drywall compound and sanding it down is a necessary part of the process.

edited hlefcu raising tree
Several burly men were needed to prop up the displays and secure them to the pillars.

final lightsAttaching stringed lightbulbs to the back of each standing piece to create a nice, glowing backlight.

edited holidaydecor1
All set up and ready to light up at night! 

editedholidaydecorWorking together to make the season bright at HPD Headquarteers.


edited hlefcu tree paintingColorful details are painted on each decoration.

edited cupcakeMaking cement and foam look like delicious cupcakes is part of the creative magic.

edited bolting supportBolting support frames to the back of each piece for safety.