CUMONEY® Visa® Gift Cards make holiday giving easy

on "December 02, 2019 11:08 am"

When your members have something to celebrate, there’s no better solution than CUMONEY® Visa® Gift Cards from LSC®.

They’re a wonderful way to say congratulations, happy birthday, thank you, or simply just because! From parties to special occasions, and even for holidays, CUMONEY Visa Gift Cards make the perfect present for any occasion.giftcards

Credit Union Benefits

  • Help attract and retain new members.
  • Meet your current members’ expectations for quality service
  • Provide members with the ability to purchase gifts while taking care of other financial obligations.
  • Increase revenue streams

Member Benefits

  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted in the U.S.
  • More flexibility than merchant gift cards.
  • Card values are the member’s choice – between $10 and $1000.
  • A variety of designs to choose from to suit any gift-giving occasion.

How the Gift Card works

  • For the purchaser: Buy a gift card at the Credit Union with cash, the same process that is done at a store.
  • For the recipient: Use it like a VISA debit card for purchases, utilizing the balance on the account through purchases.
  • Once implemented, a stock of cards is ordered through LSC’s secured Prepaid Access website by a designated Administrator. Credit Unions store those cards in a vault until issued to members.
  • Free marketing materials that help showcase the Gift Card program are available.

Need more information? Download our Fact Sheet.

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