CUNA Mutual Group debuts web-based executive benefits compliance resource

on "November 25, 2019 1:26 pm"

‘E-Book’ Helps Credit Unions Navigate Online NCUA Examiner’s Guide and Ease Examinations 

CUNA Mutual Group offers a new online resource to help credit unions keep their employee and executive benefits funding programs compliant with federal regulations established by the National Credit Union Administration.

The e-Book, “Create A Robust, Compliant Funding Program for Employee and Executive Benefits: Using the Online NCUA Examiner’s Guide,” was created by CUNA Mutual Group, in collaboration with industry talent development leader, CUES®, Madison, Wisconsin. CUNA Mutual Group is a CUESolutions Platinum provider.

The e-book helps credit unions avoid difficult and time-consuming NCUA examinations and to navigate the online NCUA Examiner’s Guide and interpret key sections relating to employee and executive funding programs.

“Making investments to fund credit union employee and executive benefits programs can be very complicated, because many credit unions have little or no experience with the types of investments that NCUA rules allow to fund these benefits,” said John Pesh, director of executive benefits for CUNA Mutual Group.

The NCUA published the online guide in late 2016, but Pesh said many credit unions aren’t aware of it or have only taken a cursory look at it. “In addition to helping credit unions find relevant information in the NCUA Examiner’s Guide, the e-Book also includes in-depth analysis based on CUNA Mutual Group’s decades of experience assisting credit unions with these benefit programs.”

The e-Book can be downloaded here for free.

Pesh said CUNA Mutual Group wants credit unions to not just use the NCUA Examiner’s Guide to cruise through examinations. “Use it to build a strong, compliant program that adapts to changes in the coming years—across multiple turnovers in your board and C-suite—so you can attract and retain the best talent in the financial services marketplace.”