Kahului Federal Credit Union

on "October 15, 2021 1:28 pm"

Job Title: Loan Manager           Status: Exempt             Direct Supervisor: Vice President / President


To oversee and direct all personnel in the Loan department, to ensure adherence to Kahului Federal Credit Union’s (KFCU) quality standards, deadlines, policies and procedures as well as compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.

Essential Duties:

  • Daily oversight of the Loan department:
    • Monitor Loan Officers and Loan Processors interactions with members and ensure service levels are of the highest quality.
    • Resolve member complaints or answer member questions regarding policies and processes.
    • Review of all loan transactions to ensure established policies and procedures are being followed. 
    • Supervise loan document preparation to ensure all loans are being processed in timely and compliant manner.
    • Oversee disbursement and collection activities.
  • Ensure proper staffing levels and distribution of work duties:
    • Prepare Loan department employee weekly lunch/late schedules and monitor breaks.
    • Review and provide preliminary approval for vacations.
    • Create rotating schedule of loan department tasks; make adjustments as needed.
    • Periodically review job descriptions and task lists to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
    • Participate in the interview and screening of prospective Loan department employees and provide input in the selection of a final candidate.
  • Staff Support
    • Step in to perform Loan Officer and Loan Processor tasks during breaks, peak hours, unscheduled absences or vacations.
    • Perform more difficult collection tasks.
    • Perform more complex operational tasks outside of the scope of Loan Officer and Loan Processor duties.
  • Credit decisions, Management Loan Review Committee (MLRC):
    • Obtain and analyze information on applicants' financial status, credit, and property evaluations to determine feasibility of granting loans.
    • Review applications and advise Loan Officers/Processors on next step for each submitted loan application.
      • Approve loan (in accordance with limits of authority) or
      • Direct that the loan be submitted to the Management Loan Review Committee (MLRC)
    • Analyze each application to be submitted to MLRC and draft a summary outlining critical points to accompany that application.
    • Coordinate all logistics related to MLRC meetings. Ensure meetings are held in a timely manner and that the required majority of committee members are present.
    • Review activity of the MLRC to verify that actions (rejections, counteroffers, approvals) have proper justifications attached.
    • Verify that all rejected and counteroffered applications have Adverse Action notices completed.
    • Record and update MLRC loan decisions (minutes) each month.
    • If a member wants to appeal a loan decision; schedule and coordinate all logistics related to this “special” Board meeting. Ensure meetings are held in a timely manner upon the members written request and that the required majority of committee members are present.
  • Tools and Systems
    • Ensure Loan Department has equipment, supplies and tools/reference materials necessary to perform their duties.  Communicate needs/suggestions to the Vice President or President.
    • Evaluate existing systems and software to ensure that the capabilities enable the Loan Department to perform accurately and efficiently. Explore potential solutions. Communicate needs/suggestions to the Vice President or President.
    • Review Core Processor and Loan platforms (Portico/Loancierge) enhancements and determine impact on the Loan Department and suggest plan for roll-out of any new procedures.
  • Training and Development of Loan department employees:
    • Onboard each new employee. Coordinate all training activities.
    • Provide employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaints or disputes.
    • Encourage professional growth by providing employees with exposure to new tasks and responsibilities.
    • Train Loan Department employees on any system enhancements or new features.
  • Performance Management:
    • Participate in the Performance Review process. Provide input as to performance levels of all Loan Department employees.
    • Coach and counsel employees as needed; monitor any performance improvement plans.
    • Celebrate achievements and acknowledge excellent performance.
  • Serve as liaison to Operations Department, Accounting and Senior Management:
    • Advise other departments of Loan Department changes or concerns that may affect them.
    • Advise Loan Department team of other departmental changes or concerns that may affect them.
    • Encourage collaboration between teams and participate in the development of any cross-departmental procedures.
  • Compliance/Security:
    • Through regular communication with the Loan team, ensure they are familiar with their roles and responsibilities with regard to State and Federal regulations such as the Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC requirements, Truth in Lending, Equal Credit Opportunity, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, SAFE Act, Privacy Act, Elder Financial Abuse, Identity theft and all NCUA and CFPB regulations.
    • Keep abreast of Federal lending regulations and monitor day-to-day Loan Department activity for compliance. 
    • Monitor Loan team to be sure that all security and internal control processes are being followed. Address any issues.
    • Actively participate in the development and/or updating of policies and procedures as necessitated by ongoing changes in regulations.
    • Recommend any improvement to security and internal controls.
  • Strategic and Financial:
    • Review delinquent accounts and develop repayment schedules. Submit recommendations for action on delinquent accounts.
    • Analyze delinquent accounts and assess collectability. Participate in allowance for loan loss provisioning.
    • Work with President to evaluate and develop lending and promotion strategies to improve loan portfolio
    • Review monthly production reports
    • Participate in the development of forecasts and projections, as needed
    • Research and report any potential enhancements to lending process including hardware, software, policies or procedures.

Other Duties:

  • Attend Annual Membership Meeting and other credit union functions, workshops and conferences.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by Management or Board of Directors.

Working Conditions:

  • Indoors in air-conditioned office building.
  • Equipment Use - Personal Computer, typewriter, calculator, copier machine, facsimile, telephone, scanner, security equipment.
  • Work Hours - Generally 8:15 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Occasional work in the evenings and/or on weekends.

Mental Demands:

  • Requires attention to detail, alertness, and accuracy.
  • The ability to reason and resolve potential problems that may affect the credit union.
  • The ability to supervise others.
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to read and comprehend written material, especially regulatory manuals and legal documents.

Physical Demands:

  • Sitting and standing for several hours at a time.
  • Extended hours working with a personal computer.
  • Occasional lifting and carrying of up to 20 lbs of items such as boxes, forms, equipment, etc.

Communication Demands:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and express ideas in face-to-face situations, on the phone and in written form.

General Qualification Requirements:

  • Education/Experience - College degree in business administration or related field with 2 years work experience in a financial institution; or a combination of education and experience that provides the necessary skills and knowledge to satisfactorily perform the essential job functions.
  • Notary Public – Currently commissioned as a Notary Public or the willingness to serve as a Notary Public
  • Skills/Knowledge:
    • Proficient in Word and EXCEL.
    • The ability to learn financial industry software (such as Portico, Loancierge)
    • Familiarity with 10-key

Mortgage Loan Officer Registration Requirements:

KFCU is subject to the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (S.A.F.E. Act) which requires that employees performing mortgage loan origination activities to be registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (Registry). Due to the limited size of our institution and the potential for loan-related duties to be shared among all employees in the Loan Department, each employee in the Loan Department will be required to register as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) with the Registry.  Employees in a loan department position, will be required to submit to the Registry some identifying information and their financial services-related employment history for the past 10 years. Additionally, Loan department employees need to authorize the Registry and KFCU to obtain information related to sanctions or findings in any administrative, civil or criminal action to which they are a party, made by any governmental jurisdiction.  Loan Department employees will also be required to authorize the Registry to make available to the public the following information: name, employment by KFCU, 10 year financial services-related employment history, and certain criminal convictions, regulatory actions, civil judicial or litigation actions related to financial services. Individuals unable or unwilling to comply with the registration requirements of the S.A.F.E. Act will be deemed ineligible for the position.

Federal Credit Union Act and other related requirements:

Individuals may not be eligible for employment if they have received a conviction for a criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust, or have agreed to enter into a pretrial diversion or similar program in connection with a prosecution for such offense.  Further, to be employed at KFCU you must be “bondable.” Employees (including prospective employees) must provide all information required by an approved bond or insurance company to determine “bondability/insurability” and such individuals may not be employed if such coverage is denied or cancelled.  Prospective employees are subject to fingerprinting and will be required to consent to a formal background check, including credit history.  Suitability for employment will be considered in accordance with all laws and regulations applicable to Kahului Federal Credit Union.

The above information on this job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by an employee in this classification.  It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory, or all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of employees assigned to this job.  Management has the right to add to, revise, or delete information in this description.  Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

If you are interested in being considered for our Loan Manager opportunity, please reply to info@kahuluifcu.com and attach a cover letter and resume.