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Empowering credit unions to simplify and systemize compliance oversight 

Why choose ComplySight?

ComplySight is a user-friendly, web-based compliance management system that assists credit unions in managing ever-expanding compliance regulation. This self-evaluation tool empowers credit unions to assess their regulatory compliance risk and identify potential trends or areas of possible noncompliance for immediate corrective action. Users can assign compliance reviews/assignments and communicate those responsibilities through the system.

Integrating cross-functional compliance processes

With ComplySight, compliance is managed and monitored from a centralized resource serving as your credit union’s compliance tool. ComplySight will help you stay on top of regulatory changes as new regulations or modifications to existing regulations become effective. The tool streamlines compliance processes by delivering notifications and associated content to assist with compliance reviews, administration and a comprehensive complaint management system to track complaints to ensure responsiveness and responsibility.

Accelerating your credit union’s compliance readiness

ComplySight cuts through the clutter of compliance by providing visibility, tracking, measuring and reporting for compliance activities through a single application. Leverage the power of ComplySight to be compliance ready.  The platform assists in your organization’s overall communication, prepares you for audits and exams, and delivers regulatory updates essential to maintaining credit union compliance.







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Easy-to-navigate dashboard with dynamic reporting capability

Your organization needs a compliance program that fits your budget, one that can automate manual processes and pro-vides oversight, collaboration and robust reporting. Comply-Sight is designed for credit unions to systematically monitor, track and manage compliance, integrating efficiencies to be more resilient in an environment confronted by disruption. As a comprehensive risk management tool, ComplySight helps credit unions stay organized while complying with evolving regulations. Dashboards are user friendly and display a credit union’s compliance risk by areas of operation within the tasks/assignments that are pending completion.

ComplySight helps you stay on top of regulatory changes. When new regulations or changes to existing regulations become effective, you will receive notifications and associated content to assist with compliance reviews.

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ComplySight Key Features

  • Complex regulations summarized into simple, straightforward language
  • Tracking and communication tools to monitor compliance
  • Robust reporting detailing your compliance strengths and weaknesses
  • Assignments, tasks, deadlines and self-assessment grading to provide up-to-date compliance status
  • Integration with regulations and other League InfoSight compliance products including CU PolicyPro and InfoSight
  • Accessible compliance and technology support
  • Full suite of training videos to utilize the system efficiently and effectively
  • Identification of consumer compliance issues, remediation & risk mitigation mechanism





Easily manage your compliance issues with ComplySight. We are here to help! Contact League Regulatory Officer Eugene Davis at 808.203.6412, toll-free 888.331.5646 or