CU Webinar Network in July

Posted by Laurie Okawa-Moore
on "July 01, 2022 10:53 am"

Mark your calendars, choose your topic, and get your knowledge on.


Vendor Due Diligence & Effective Vendor Management
July 12, 2022
If something goes wrong with a third-party relationship, the ripples can affect multiple departments. On top of that, consider how much of your budget is paid directly to vendors. This webinar will help ensure your institution is getting the most from vendors while also satisfying the increased examination scrutiny.

Deposit Operations Comprehensive Compliance, Including BSA
July 13, 2022
Deposit operations is one of the most important areas of your financial institution. This webinar will provide a comprehensive regulatory overview to help your institution avoid unnecessary loss and comply with BSA training requirements.

Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral

July 14, 2022
A mistake in the repossession process can cost you the right to pursue a borrower and cause substantial damage to your institution. That’s a high price to pay!  Ensure your team knows the ins and outs of the repo requirements from top to bottom.

Advanced Lending Schedules: Commercial Loans, Indirect Loans, CARES Act Loan Modifications & More
July 18, 2022
As of March 31, 2022, the NCUA completely restructured the Call Report. Do you know what changed? This webinar will provide expert insights, relay all the latest information, and give you the confidence to accurately complete the related schedules.

Advanced Beneficiary & RMD Considerations
July 19, 2022
Managing IRA beneficiary designations and explaining allowable distribution options to IRA beneficiaries may be the most complex areas of administering IRA programs. This session will explain the trifecta of the beneficiary designation rules, the new SECURE Act distribution requirements, and the recently issued Proposed Required Minimum Distribution Regulations.

Powers of Attorney In-Depth: Good Faith, Fraud & Fiduciary Capacity
July 20, 2022
Powers of attorney are complex legal documents that can wield a broad array of authority. Your team must be conversant with POAs, be alert for fraud and good faith issues – and know when to seek legal counsel.  With so much at stake, this timely program is a must!

Things That Keep Boards Up at Night
July 21, 2022
Counting sheep? Do your duties and responsibilities as a board member keep you awake at night? But… are you counting the right sheep?  Do you know the risks, regulations, and financial realities that should be top of mind at your credit union?  Learn more about today’s top risks and how to guide your institution accordingly.

Record Retention Rules for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack & Other E-Collaboration Platforms
July 25, 2022
If you don’t already have record-retention policies governing Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other e-collaboration platforms, you may be an easy mark for regulatory audits, unhappy accountholders, and more. Learn best practices for how to handle this emerging horizon in the world of record retention.

Elevating Your Fraud Prevention Strategies
July 26, 2022
Fraud is ever-present, ever-changing, and endlessly creative. Join us to learn how to prevent card fraud and the latest criminal strategies.

New ACH Rules Effective 9/30/22: Nested Third-Party Sender Roles & Risks
July 27, 2022
Do you know a little or a lot about Nested Third-Party Senders? As of September 30, 2022, the ACH Rules will further define these relationships.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to speed on the evolving rules before the effective date.

Checking Account Signature Cards: CIP, IRS & Disclosures
July 28, 2022
Signature cards are still a “thing” and still have lasting legal ramifications. Numerous compliance regulations apply to consumer deposit accounts, so it’s important to know your stuff about CIP, IRS reporting, disclosures, and more.  Join us to learn about the top issues and proactively mitigate loss at your institution.