Say hello to intelligent indirect lending

Posted by Laurie Okawa-Moore
on "September 24, 2021 12:34 pm"

When it comes to indirect lending, we see things a little differently. We see The Big Picture. It’s what we call intelligent indirect lending.

Origence Wordmark Black tm CUD brand 1Our system provides everything you need to enjoy success at every touchpoint in the indirect lending experience.

It starts with members having a “one-stop shop” from the moment they even think about buying a car… all the way through the financing:

AutoSMART online marketplace, combined with our SMART Approval preapproval program, allows you to offer a digital shopping experience and retain member loans

The CUDL dealer network connects you with local car dealerships offering credit union financing to car buyers

SmartFund digital documentation allows you to execute a paperless lending process

Outsourced Loan Processing provides a cost-efficient way to handle overflow lending, call center services, and more

We have the resources to facilitate a smooth indirect process, with less effort and cost. Whether it’s leveraging our automated decisioning engine or harnessing the power of the Outsourced Loan Processing, we can help you outperform at every step.