Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network

Update 5/18/21

Since 1998, Hawaii’s credit unions raised $1,558,333 for Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network

Children are precious gifts and represent our hope for the future. Even those who don’t have kids are “aunty” or “uncle” to these little ones, whether related or not.

Since 1998, Hawaii credit unions have come together to support Kapiolani Children’s Miracle Network. Under a national initiative called Credit Unions for Kids, Hawaii credit unions large and small have united to raise funds for Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children—Hawaii’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Kapiolani Fast Facts

  • Kapiolani Medical Center is Hawaii’s only CMN Hospital
  • 6,200 babies are born each year at Kapiolani Medical Center
  • Over 950 newborn babies spend at least one night in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) away from their families
  • For infants born weighing under 3.3lbs, the average stay in the NICU is 75.9 days
  • Diamond Head Tower opened July 2016 with 70 private NICU rooms
  • More than 45,000 families rush their loved ones to Hawaii’s only Emergency Room staffed with Pediatric Emergency Specialists
  • Each year, the Transport Team provides critical medical transport to Kapiolani by air and ambulance for 3,538 infants and children

Special Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser 

From August through December, 2021 to honor life of Martha Smith

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KCMN Martha heart copyMartha Smith was Hawaii Pacific Health Care System’s executive vice president of Oahu operations and chief executive officer of Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, Pali Momi Medical Center, and Straub Medical Center. Sadly, she passed away in March of this year at age 63.

One of Martha’s most significant accomplishments was the development of the Diamond Head Tower at Kapiolani as a preeminent health care center for women and children. It was designed as a space that supported family-centered care for patients, families, and staff.

In the fall of 2013, Hawaii Credit Unions for Kids pledged to raise $500,000 in five years to help build the Diamond Head Tower. Martha was there at our “5 In 5” kickoff meeting, sharing the vision of the new tower and the architectural rendition of the building. In 2016, Martha led a “hard hat tour” of the tower construction site for League board and management. When Hawaii Credit Unions for Kids raised an astonishing $535,444 in less than five years, Martha expressed genuine appreciation when the check was presented, and the commemorative plaque was unveiled naming Hawaii Credit Unions for Kids as a contributing donor in the completed Diamond Head Tower.

To honor the memory of Martha Smith, Hawaii Credit Unions for Kids has embarked on a special fundraising initiative to benefit Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children. Martha was a cancer patient, and our goal is to raise $140,000 to purchase a breast ultrasound (US) machine for the hospital in her name.

Hawaii credit unions have held fantastic fundraising activities in the past and we look forward to great activities for this special initiative. Our fundraising initiative has begun on August 2 and run through the end of December 2021. During this time, we ask our credit unions to focus fundraising events in memory of Martha Smith.


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 Current Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network Marketing 

Meet Haumea Friel, 2021 Chlidren's Miracle Network Champion from Hawaii



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How Your Dollar Impacts Kapiolani CMN 

National CMN Hospitals Fact Sheet

In October 2013, Hawaii's credit unions pledged to raise $500,000 in five years (called the “5 In 5” initiative) for Kapiolani’s new state-of-the-art wing, which was under construction. By the end of 2016, the “5 In 5” posted an astonishing $536,444 in total donations—exceeding the original goal of $500,000 in less than five years! 

Beyond the steel frames and beautiful glass windows of this building stands the real purpose of our 5 In 5 fundraising—to help bring healing to children in Hawaii and the Pacific. Upon reaching our fundraising goal, a plaque was installed in the new rehabilitation reception room of the hospital. It proudly bears the name “Hawaii’s Credit Unions for Kids” and stands as a lasting reminder of all the fundraising efforts of Hawaii’s credit unions.

hawaiicu4kidsplaque    hawaiicu4kidsontree

The Credit Unions for Kids/Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network continues to be a Hawaii Credit Union League community partner. Credit unions are encouraged to raise funds for Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network now and into the future. To help with your fundraising campaign, free marketing materials are available from Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network.  Download the order form here.

Donations can be submitted to:

Colette Forcier, Program Director/Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network
55 Merchant Street, Suite 2600
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Okawa Moore, HCUL Communications Officer at laurie.moore@hcul.org.  

Credit Unions for Kids ® is the brand through which the credit union movement raises funds for our industry's charity of choice—Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All the money raised by Hawaii credit unions stay in Hawaii to benefit the programs and services of Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children—the only Children's Miracle Network hospital serving all islands and the Pacific Basin. Fundraising also benefit the pediatric services of Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai and myriad outreach programs that impact the lives of children on the neighbor islands. 

Credit Unions for Kids offers fundraising ideas and turnkey programs that help credit unions maximize fundraising efforts.  Please visit their web site for more information.