Why Digital is Important Right NOW

It’s no secret that we’re all using our smartphones for just about everything these days. But what’s interesting about changing consumer behavior is how things stay the same. 

122016 diebold partnerPeople aren’t swapping one channel for another, they’re just using them all more strategically. For example, credit union members who are frequent mobile-banking users also conduct more transactions through traditional self-service channels. Members who use mobile banking bring in 36% more revenue than branch-only members and are less than half as likely to leave their credit unions, according to a study by Fiserv.

This is a win-win for credit unions and members—the credit union can move members to self-service, which can process transactions for a fraction of the cost of a teller experience, and members can connect more deeply with their credit union through a wider variety of touchpoints. To succeed, credit unions must harmonize the experience across every channel, and offer access to the same member information across every channel.

 What if you don’t have the means available to make the technology investments?

An experienced partner can help you scale quickly, continuously innovate at rates that match the pace of change in the marketplace and deliver a highly personalized user experience through digital channels. Tap into the mobile channel. Start a conversation today.  Visit www.dieboldnixdorf.com to learn more about how Vynamic™ Digital can help enhance your members’ experience.