CU Collaborate

CUCollaborate provides growth solutions and strategies that help credit unions efficiently attract new members, loans, and deposits. CUCollaborate specializes in expanding a credit union's field of membership, eliminating the friction that field of membership causes in consumer acquisition, and marketing to eligible consumers to reduce acquisition costs. The new brand represents the company’s evolution into a full-service growth company for credit unions.

 In 2020, CUCollaborate added several new products and services, including ad targeting, branch strategy, and an automated SEG application. The company is focusing on the pain points that credit unions of all sizes are experiencing. In the coming year, CUCollaborate plans to build and expand products that allow a credit union to expand their field of membership to the greatest extent, verify membership eligibility based on as little information about a consumer as possible, and allow credit unions to market exclusively to eligible consumers no matter how complex the credit union’s field of membership.

"We currently work with over 40 credit unions that range in size and charter type. As we work with these credit unions, there are common pain points they experience. Those are the problems that we aim to solve. What differentiates us is how our proprietary software allows us to interpret data in order to provide the best possible results," says Sam Brownell, CEO, and Founder of CUCollaborate.
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