2019 ACH Basics for Frontline FEATURE



Mary Gilmeister is the President of WACHA (The Premier Payments Resource) and an Accredited ACH Professional and a National Check Professional (NCP).  Mary has been President of WACHA for 25 years and President of Payment Advisory Resource (PAR) a subsidiary of WACHA.   She has served on the NACHA (National ACH Association), Marketing Committee, the NACHA Board of Directors and chaired a Nation Wide Direct Deposit Campaign in 1998 and participated on the Federal Debit Collection Improvement Act of 1996.  In addition Mary has chaired many national rule making committees for NACHA and has served on many panels. Mary has participated in developing a program with the State Bar Association of WI and participated on a program for the state to change legislation on Financial Elder Abuse. Mary speaks nationally at the NACHA conference, and other conferences nation wide.  She also trains the state and FDIC examiners.