2021 collection bankruptcy

March 16-17, 2021
8:30 am - 3:00 pm

There will be six 45-minute sessions followed by a 15-minute break between sessions and a 60-minute break for lunch each day. 

Day 1 - Maximizing Collections Opportunities

  • Reviewing the Foundations of Credit Union Collections
  • Maximizing the Virtual Workflow
  • Uncovering Compliance Risks in the Collections process
  • Review Regulatory Guidance on Working with Troubled Borrowers
  • Mining for Member Service Opportunities
  • Transitioning from Rescue Mission to Hunting Expedition – Understanding Your Options

Day 2 - Fine Tuning Your Bankruptcy Process

  • Overview of Bankruptcy Rules – From Filing to Discharge
  • Utilizing Online Resources
  • Fine Tuning Internal Bankruptcy Processes
  • Avoiding Inadvertent Violations of the Automatic Stay
  • From Fraud to Foreclosure – Understanding Your Options
  • Account Placement Checklist